Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do We Have to Do This EVERY Time?

He's back...until moose-hunting in 5 weeks!
I should video him docking the boat sometime. It's pretty amazing! They have to go around a tight corner and pull up on the inside of a dock.
AG's hubby..since she NEVER blogs anymore!
They're here!

AS was so excited!

Teens, teens teens....
AG is so happy! Husband home today, vacation tomorrow!!
Manderzz actually smiled for a picture, hooray!
That face AS is making was hilarious!

These guys come and go maybe 10x a year...are we supposed to drop everything and wait around on the dock for 2-3 hours...nahhhhh, but it's fun after Bristol Bay, even if it's from 12:30 in the morning to after 3am.
I didn't get a lot of pics...I left my memory card in my laptop. I've got to put an extra one in my purse! I hadn't been on the boat in a few months, but it's lovely and tidy, so opposite from those boats on THAT SHOW...


  1. Ya AG whats up with that!!! ;op I love the big Cheese sign its my fav! I also love that ya bought the rainer for the big cheese! Your a good Captians Wife!! Hey its a hard job some ones gotta do it! Ü

  2. CD I posted on CB blogs when he had pick the best boat and crew from that show I had to go with the Stimson and her crew. If I was going out only one boat I would feel safe on and that is the Stimson, she is a gorgeous boat, clean, sharp looking and a great crew. Those show boats look like second rate bathtub toys and ya can quote me on that LOL.
    Glad your hubby and all the crew got home safe and sound. He goes moose hunting in 5 weeks interesting. Okay I have a couple of questions for you since we don't have moose in my area One what does it taste like I have eaten deer meat, if it is prepared correctly it doesn't have a bad taste at all. Second is the meat butchered and cut up like a cow is with roast and steaks, ribs etc? Third have you ever tanned the skin ? Okay enough questions for now LOL. Glad everyone made it home and get to enjoy time together.

  3. hmmm I have a hard time describing moose, it just tastes normal to me. The texture is like venison but it's milder than venison and has a much better texture than beef -- beef is gross after moose. It's all natural, no hormormes, not antibiotics, grass-fed all that. They're absolutely huge so we have everything, steaks, roasts, different types of sausage & hamburger.
    Does that help? They're healthy and delicious!

  4. ohh and AKGQ--you're so sweet to humor me! I bet YOUR captn always has some beverages in the fridge when he comes home??? You're just nice like that!

  5. ohh...he didn't bring home the hide or cape or whatever it's called. Just the meat...and the rack --ughhhhhh

  6. Thanks gal that makes sense to me. Venison can be a bit gamey tasting when prepared wrong. Ahh gee don't you want a bunch of moose racks decorating your furniture LOL Stores here are trying to actually bring moose meat in I think it would sell well.
    Hee Hee I could just picture you trying to tan that huge cape, hide, or whatever it is called. I think Capt. Troy might be in the dog house if you had to do that. The pictures I have seen of moose they are huge. Thanks for the information gal.

  7. Glad to see both hubbys made it home! Sorry I could not meet them!

  8. CD ~ HAve you forgoten who I am???i NEVER get him beverages cause iam bitchy like that.. Unless of course I NEED wine that day then MAYBE i might!;op