Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Campers & I was in Dutch Harbor Last Night!

Manderzz actually got some sun yesterday! She never even tans on vacation!
Mellychops jr. is gorgeous and camera-ready even after 10 hours of camping!
Juno is teaching Unangan (Aleut) dance to the campers. Her and Jr are making Baked Alaska with some thin brownies that weren't getting eaten. The final step should be this weekend sometime. Maybe SAT night? There is a outdoor BBQ tonight....hey anyone know what's on the menu??
I think Dills got a bit of color too..but he was also being very allergic to something this morning (poor guy! It's a never-ending battle)

I can't make it out to the Culture Camp. AKA Camp Qunagaayux or "Camp Q" Too many of my co-workers are there and I am one of the ones "holding the fort" here at the clinic....BUT I will go tomorrow for the potluck!
Dills announced that he is LOVING hat making YAY for Pattycakes super-hat-maker!! (did you get your cookies? I was baking at 5:30am today!) Next year Dills hopes to make a complete full-sized hat, not just a visor. Manderzz is still on a mini-visor, but she's very proud and proudly announced that she's a natural carver!
She's also quite the weaver...she really enjoys that class. They have other classes too. But I don't hear as much about them :)
Dyl has had some challenges avoiding wheat, but we've sent food and he has tried some new ones too. Fish head soup is evidently a delicious meal! (I don't plan on trying it, sorry) Salmon eyeballs are "Just like gummy bears, but without the sugar" hmmm why doesn't everyone that reads this boil some up and see if that's true???

Last night I went with my husband to move his skiff from where he had it tied up next to the big boat over to the launching ramp.... I drove the entire way! I played in Dutch Harbor! I just had to say that :) It was so fun, but we didn't have a camera --next time we'll get a picture or two. My father-in-law arrives on the ferry's going to be BUSY for the next 9 or 10 days in my household!!

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  1. Sounds like the kids are having a great time. I would like to go to that camp. Weaving class sounds cool as well as the hat making. CD I can see you palying in Dutch Harbor LOL. OOOO new boat for that show the FV/CD Fearless hee hee. I know yours would be the one having the most fun. I know you are looking forward to your father-in-law's arrival. While you are having a busy time the next few days make sure you take some off to rest. Enjoy your weekend gal.