Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harbor Seal for Lunch & Camp Q f/r Auction

Dills and his giant pile of harbor seal boiled with patrushki....he loves it. I tried a bite, the photo he took is not good. Cannot share it. LOL, maybe there was too much patrushki in my portion, it tasted like seaweed. YAY! Dills...he enjoys so much of the traditional food the locals prepare.
There was an auction, I had to have this unique beaded bracelet, it has a lot of lime green. I outbid AB...There were some awesome earrings too, I hope the artist-- JB will sell some to me!
Dills getting his certificate.
The famous, or is it infamous Jerah Chadwick was the auctioneer. He lived in Unalaska for many years was a college english professor for our branch of the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, was poet laureate for the State of Alaska a couple years ago, he's Pattycake's bentwoods hat helper and friend to many here --last year the Q-tribe made him an honarary member!
Manderzz recieving her certificate.

My last post about Camp-Q....really! It's just a very cool week, my kids love it, it's one of the coolest things we have here!


  1. What an amazing experience for your kids. I really ennjoyed reading about Camp-Q

  2. I have never had the opportunity to attend Camp Q (I'm always working :(

    Looks like a great time...I would have to pass on the Harbor seal lunch however ICK!

  3. Harbor seal looks interesting, don't know if I would want to know what I was eating until afterwords, I like to watch the seals. LOL I think the patrushki kind of looks a little like seaweed. Great bracelet find. Hope you get the matching earrings. Glad the kids got their certificates they did a great job. Camp looks like a great week of fun.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Camp Q. Actually just enjoy reading your site, period. I've wondered what there is for kids growing up on the island. I often threaten my family with moving up there. ;-D
    Sure wouldn't mind trying it....
    Thanks again!
    Mj in Md

  5. Mj, the kids here don't seem to mind it at all! We don't have some theaters, fast food, super-intense sports. But we do have DVD players, LOTS of food from nations all over the world --homemade even! And we work hard, get them all over the world to see other places, school trips alone have made a couple AK Air VIPs I'm sure. 2 groups from school travel internationally every other year. Sports is good enough for most. There are several sports and they travel all over the state to compete. These kids can handle airplanes, delays, airports, security like no others!! I don't even bother to keep track of my 3 at security...they know what they're doing. They'll catch up. (is that bad? They bring too much X-box crap! I don't want to wait!!)

  6. The sport ARE good enough I meant :)
    Also...going to the movies when out of town is so much more fun when you only do it a couple times a year! They remember it! And it makes the $70 you spend worth it...otherwise will get you any movie for $9 :)

  7. LOL! Wonderful! RE: movies are definitely a treat...can't believe what it costs even down here! I prefer waiting for it on Direct tv or DVD..
    All that traveling sounds that a PTA (like)thing?
    It all sounds great! They even get to swim outdoors...sorta :-) referencing your pics of all jumping in the 'pool' of melted snow.
    Thanks for responding! And (please) keep the posts coming...very much enjoying them.

  8. No PTA here right now. If someone wanted one we could tho. There are clubs --Foreign Language and Art are the ones that travel internationally. Swimming, Wrestling, Track, Basketball, Band and several non-athletic groups travel througout the school year also.