Saturday, July 18, 2009

2am? Ughhh But We'll Be There!

Manderzz colored these while AG and I ran a few last minute errands...Ughhh I bought Rainer...I swear everyone was laughing at me! One guy in the parking lot even commented! What I won't do for my husband...I was so embarrassed (I'm pretty silly)

And one for MS & AS's daddy too....and AG's man of course.
Manderzz' special poster for her Daddy..

And he says I shop a lot..WHATEVER!!!

This is why we don't usually do this meeting the boat at the dock --ETA is looking like 2am! I did sleep from 12p -5pm but Manderzz suggested that I nap my kids obviously don't have a lot of faith in my ability to stay awake! My thyroid is still messed up, the newest test results came back today, still doing nothing to help out my metabolism!! Wonder if I'm to continue waiting for something to change and get to be tired and chubby for several more months??? Or what!?

I JUST finished making the house very sparkly and not-cluttered, except for Captn-who-orders lots' desk!! I'm going to kick back, drink a large cup of coffee and watch the DVDs I got from Lauri at the library until 12 or 1 when we're heading to the dock!!


  1. CD you are not chubby quit thinking you are. Gal you are perfect. Take a little short quick cat nap then you will be awake to meet your Hubby's boat. the kids will wake you they have a way of doing that. Mine just got back from driving about 7 hours to spend the day with her BF. She called me 3 times to let me know where she was. Then she whines about having to do her laundry tom. afternoon at the laundromat. Poor child has to actually go to a laundromat wash a load of clothes and horrors fold them.... KIDS LOL Anyway have a good time and tell Capt. Troy Welcome Home for me. Now get him to spoil you a bit, LOL

  2. LOL .. you're paranoid! Nobody was laughing at you and the Rainier! Silly girl! HEY, the Troy and Ray signs look AWESOME!

  3. Oh, and I downloaded some Miranda Lambert songs that I haven't heard in a while for something new on the IPod while we wait!!