Monday, July 13, 2009

Boys and of Course a Bonfire.

I love to see teens playing board games, I get so tired of XBox!

Jr, Juno, Dills all missing, but we did have a roaring fire for all to enjoy.
AG is getting tiny!! You're doing so good!!!

Jr is just a bit nervous. Really, CB didn't have to drag him in!!
THEY swear the outfit weren't planned. With the bb gun or air gun (something that just appeared!) CB commented that they look a post-apocolytic couple.

AG and MS popped over late on SAT night for a bonfire... Juno, JP and ET were there too! I'm glad we have that fire pit, it's so nice to have everyone over! Sunday I did basically nothing, slept, watched Season 2 of October Road (cute show that probably nobody watched?) I did make homemade pizza and drug my lazy self to bunko too (won 3rd place, maybe will get my prize in the next day or so...shipping can be tricky sometimes LOL we're all used to that fact!) I was going to head back to ANC for a follow-up on my thyroid condition, but I've now got JP for a week. They do a lot of teen-sitting for us, it's the least I can do for them. I'll have Pam draw the blood or go over later.

We are trying to limit X-Box time at our house, NO, REALLY!! LOL
The guys played Risk last night and then pulled out the anciet Age of Empires CDs...still better than Call of Duty 4 or whatever is the latest game they're into.


  1. I miss it there!! Life was easier, I did not have to go to work. AG is kicking some butt! Not that she need to lose anything! We love her as is. Wish we would've been there for all the activities.

  2. Aww JS, you're so sweet!!! I totally miss you!! You should just move up here! There, Done, PERIOD.!

    And, I have to point out that Dills is the Man! He is the nice one that always builds our bonfires for us and I don't think we've lavished enough praise on him for that! Way to go Dills, you rock! and we appreciate ya! PUNK!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm loving the plaid and blue bb gun toting couple! They're just getting ready for the Thunderdome is all. lol!

    Last time I plaid Risk was last year up in Salcha...I'll be there in 4 days! :D (Also, going by the last time I played Risk, I don't need to be quitting my day job to be taking over any countries anytime soon.)

    I'm making homemade pizza tonight. :)

  4. Thanks for answering my "sparse eagle spotting" question over on DHD today!

    A nighttime bonfire would be at about midnight right???


  5. We miss you JS & AU! You do need to just come back for good! j/k CB's mum :)
    But it sure would be fun if you guys did live here!
    Liz --I bet your pizza is better than mine was. I made 2-- one regular pepperoni and one wheat free chicken pesto. The crusts were dry!! I made rice krispi treats too and they were delicious sooo I did something right :)

  6. Good luck with the X-Box time limiting. I understand mine has a Wii with some 45 games and other acessories. Sheesh and the kid wonders why she has headaches um maybe the big screen TV and playing the Wii all the time. She finally got her car fixed only to break the passenger window it is off the track and jammed in the door so now her car is back sitting in the garage. Sheesh I think I am going to start charging a storage fee for furniture, car, and frustrated furry acrcheologist. The BF should be trough basic in 4-6 weeks then hopefully they will be getting everything. Sigh this is gonna be a long long summer, Kids what they can put us through. LOL

  7. take a long time to grow up, don't they Margarita? I'm going to be old by the time they're all off on their own LOL...

  8. Mel,
    I love the website. You are a babe!
    Sorry we missed you, but there is always next time.
    Love ya, Heth

  9. Great pictures, as usual! I've been really lame about posting since I got back but I'm enjoying everyone else's blogs! Risk is great fun! Cheers, steve

  10. Hey sissy - I watched October Road! :)

  11. hey! Is it over? I really like it! I have seasons 1 & 2. Did you watch Army Wives yet? It was pretty good. I've moved on to Star Gate Atlantis season 5 & Numbers Season 3. :)

  12. I think it may be over. :( I only watched about 1/2 of Army Wives and I left it at mom's. I will send season 1 and Dill's b-day gift though.