Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't Mess With A Tired Mom!

This one of Manderzz isn't too bad, but she is sick, so I'll give her a bit of a break...
PT snoozing away! Stop all the noise in the kitchen!
Too much base was driving me INSANE...but not quite enough to wake up fully to tell you.
And the laughing was bad too...but it was nice to hear kids laugh, so JP's pic is kinda sweet.

Last night the hike on the spit took awhile...we missed the 1st round of "that show" and the show after "that show". I had to make dinner at 8:30 too. I stayed up until 1am watching the 2 new shows...what in the world was I thinking?? Then a sick girl woke me up 2x once with a sore throat and once with an earache. I remember mumbling instructions to her is all. The 3 teens that I am putting pictures of played X-box and rummaged around my kitchen sometime too! Don't mess with a tired mom!! This is what you get ---
Pics on the Internet that aren't flattering!

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  1. Haha Love it CD nope kids need to learn don't miss with a tired mom we will get them back. I hope Manderzz gets better soon that is a nasty sounding virus she has sore throat and earache.
    My bratty kid is fussing because I will not agree to pay the difference between basic and premium cable I told her she wants it she pays for it not me. It is bad enough I have to put up with her frustrated furry digging pest that barks and howls half the night. The neighbors are all wishing she will get his fence ready soon. Kids they do know how to drive us crazy.