Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brrrr....But Nothing a Great Bon Fire Can't Fix!

Nothing like a bonfire to get the kids to stay home! We had 9 of them here last night!
They're so cute...most of the time!!
AG giving Sugar a hug...She's such a sweet dog.
I'm so glad that AS's buddy has been coming along, it gives him someone to be 10 with! This is them throughly enjoying the root beer floats MS made for them.
Here are the kids being braver than MOST of the adults last evening -- Good thing the waterfall is very close to our house and nobody was cold for long. I did not jump, I had my injury..heheh I'm still whining about my foot! and I slipped on the side of the river, flew in the air just a bit and ended up VERY Wonder what AG's excuse is? That she has common sense I imagine!

Ohhh MS went first, Girls Rule!
Manderzz and MS dunked their heads...still impressive! That water comes from snow in the mountains brrrrrrrr.

These two are smart, no getting wet for them!


  1. OMG!

    You people are OUT OF YOUR MINDS....

    FUN, YES, but completely insane!

  2. CD gal have you been taking lessons from me? Sliding in the mud flying in the air hurting your foot yep all in a day's regular adventure for me, I think I could and have tripped over my own feet just walking LOL. Looks like you had a houseful of kids. Just mailed you some new veggie chips they are pretty tasty. We had a big BBQ here I grilled as whole chicken cut up into pieces the kid and her roommate came by to get a couple of pieces. The two girls are learning what coupons are hee hee they had to pay their utilities and cable. Poor things are having to learn how to make a budget and stick to it.