Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're HOME!

We're home, I unpacked all 9 of my bags....I didn't even MEAN to have that much crap....REALLY! They're not actually put away, but everything is out of the 'luggage' and in a pile that is near where the items belong --that's a start I say!

I have some pics from the journey home but I must take care of the piles first. I'm only posting the pile of food that I aquired. I won't even put the pics of the DVDs, my mail, the scrapbooking (which I did nothing on while gone) clothes, books and gifts.

CB, JS, AU, Bossy even JP were at the airport to pick us up and it took both JS's SUV and the van that bossy was borrowing to get us home OMG! THANKS GUYS!! It's chilly and gray but seems to be getting better. I napped for 4 hours this afternoon on my couch it was LOVELY!!!

I think we're having pizza over here....I remember a phone call mid-nap...I'll just work on my piles and see if people show up! Bossy is a slave driver I'm due at the office by 7:59am :)

And my husband cleaned the house so well it smelled like a new house when we walked in...hooray! I'm very happy to be back in my own world. I'm also sending Jr to the store if I need anything...I hear Safeway is a disaster. He got us some eggs, milks, cheese, fruit and bagels I couldn't think of anything else I was so exausted.


  1. CD glad you and the family made it back safe and sound. Wow 9 bags sounds like me. Glad you got all your gifts and goods home. Hee Hee and SUV and van to get all your stuff home too funny. glad you got things unpacked, get some rest before you tackle all those piles. Enjoy the pizza.

  2. Glad you are home! I am going to have to have Rich see how much stuff you brought so he will realize that my one big 49.1 lb. suitcase, a carry-on, and a laptop bag are NOT that much. LOL Have fun and we will see you next week.

  3. Glad you are home Mel. Loved reading about all of y'alls adventures. I can't believe we just missed eachother in Seattle. It would have been fun to meet face to face. I know about the bags! I way over packed and then had to lug it around. Get some rest before going back to the grind tomorrow. Sindee

  4. Welcome Home CD!!!!

    I had 3 bags total on way back, BUT combined they weighed 150 pounds....just making it w/o having to pay for extra. Whew!