Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eye Doctor, Homework, DC and HOT HOT HOT...

He actually matches!!!
A sweet bunny that visits every night for a saltine treat.
Manderzzz was bored and hot before dinner.
Grandpa spends a lot of time mowing this month....their yards are huge --they have a rental next-door.

Grandma is COOL! She texts when bored, I LOVE IT!

We are loving the weather, OMG it's sooo lovely! We're not doing enough, but ohh well. I'm getting homework done. This set of relatives is busy, that's just them.
4 optometrist visits all at once yesterday, Dills is perfect, vision and eye health too. Imagine that! He can't eat wheat or potatoes. No cookies, fries or all the other delicious foods that include those ingredients, also can't have tomatoes, peanut butter or barley (he's not upset about the barley allergy LOL)
Jr needs to take better care of his eyes not be a lazy teenager about changing his contacts, caring for them etc. nothing new there. I have excellent eyes-- both vision and health for a old mom --yay for me! Manderzz needs glasses to see the board at school and it shows that she eschews 99% of veggies and would live on chicken strips and fries if she could!! She is only 11!
The kids and I took a QUICK walk after dinner before the boring DC shows, I missed last week's (no cable) Seemed BORING! But it was nice to see home :) different than 80 degrees!


  1. Wow 4 eye appts. in one day. Of course mom's eyes are great ours have to be. I am glad you are having great weather. I am fighting hay fever all the pastures close by have had another cutting. I love the smell of fresh mowed hay, but hate the dust allergic to that. Poor dills no peanut butter I love my Reese's. We have a new channel on our cable Hallmark right now they are showing the Murder She wrote series Followed by Little House on the Prairie. Angela Landsbury cracks me up. I also enjoy watching how everyone grows up on Little House. I am not enjoying some of the new Discovery, A&E, or TLC shows too hokey. Just my opinion DC has gone a bit overboard on some of the creative editing. Several things just seem set up and arranged. I don't like when shows start doing that. Enjoy the weather and good luck on your homework.

  2. I can't imagine not being able to eat wheat, potatoes, peanut butter, cookies...yada yada, even barley I like! Bless his heart! I mean that in the utmost Southern sympathetic way! (Not the Southern mean way! lol!)

    I used to have exceptional vision...then computers happened and now I have glasses and contacts, such a pain. I'm thinking LASIK is my future. I miss sight! :(

    I think the show was actually pretty good and harrowing this week...Wizard wave. Enjoy the weather, it's nearly as hot there as it is here!

  3. CB mentioned a wave too. Was that on the preview at the very end? I was losing interest by then!
    The allergies are sad (and new!) should see the poor kid tonight, we discovered rolling in GRASS with your brother clawing you = BAD BAD hives and rash all over :(

  4. Yeah, that's the one...I actually think the editing/story/whatever for this episode
    was a lot better than it's been for most of the season.

    That's just awful. I used to have to take allergy meds for some trigger (never found out what) that made me break out in hives...horrible!!! :(