Monday, June 22, 2009

Today Is a Weird One For Sure!

Surprise!! Juno came to visit..remember I mentioned that there was teen drama in the works?
Jr..thinking about seeing the kitchen crew --REALLY he is also excited to go back to work! Are we crazy? Work is more fun than laying around??? What is that?
Juno brought me 3 new sock creatures!! Way to get in my good graces!! 2 funny chickens out of toe socks --the pink one has sparkles even!! And the bunny is hilarious, he's 4th of July-ish yet a serious ninja at the same time.
She also made one for grandma...these 2 kids are good, I've got to say! Anyone recognize him?? It's a favorite character from a Sci-Fi show.
I asked my mother who she preferred Ronan from the wall or her "other dude" she is holding...she said physically Ronan DUHHH! And the other for his intellect! Mom is so cute...Jr. reminded her, "Grandma I'm in the room!"

OMG My friends are making me get teared up! I've never been so missed!! Thanks guys!! I'll be there soooon! And back to work too! (I've decided that working is less of a hassle than waiting on people all freaking day long without getting paid!) Cooking 3 meals a day of regular food and one gluten-tomato-potato-peanut butter free so I guess that's more like 6 per day is too much! At home the brats can do for themselves more....I'm just crabby for lots of reasons today, but my friends are making me feel very loved and missed! And now we get to meet CB's lil sis and nephew..will she be there for the Sunday brunch or do we need strawberries at home? Anyway looking forward to having loads of summer fun -- fires, walks, beaches, games, TV, cocktails...everything that we love....except fattening food! I'm off that!

Ohh bossy... did I mention that I have to go on vacation with my husband this fall for our 20th annversary --NO KIDS!!!!

Today a surprise arrived on the plane ---


  1. Heck, I say Juno sells those for $40.00 a pop marketed as "Dutch Harbor Dolls"!! $100 for Custom orders and $150 for any that resemble a captains on Certain Shows!!
    OMG This Week is gonna last FOREVER!!!

  2. hmm I'll tell her! She needs to find a very fancy long coat I think!

  3. CD those are just too cute I love Juno's sock critters. I think they would sell quite well. I love the ET looking one it is cute. I am glad she came to visit Junior looks very happy. Don't blame you for getting tired of all that cooking wow that is a lot of work. Vacations are great for a while but it is nice to return back to your comfortable home. Poor CB he may explode with impatiences waiting for you all to get home. LOL

  4. YAY. Strawberries 24/7! So glad you are coming home!

  5. The sock dollas are precious! Yeppers...Sock doll opilo and king crabs? She could make a fortune! It is crazy, but sometimes we just need a vacation from our journey home CD.

  6. Nobody recognizes Thor from Stargate LOL...I thought it was a good representation!
    And CB, you mean Captn Jack right?...not any of THOSE captains? Unless you're talking about the one from Kodiak with the "lovely" mustache? CB??? He's kind of cute ---ewwww Im kidding!

  7. 20 deserve a cruise...wait...nm, I'm sure the last thing el capitan wants to do on vacay is sail the!

    Don't mention it to anybody or they'll try and go with know what (who) I'm talking about.

  8. haha. OK true. shhhhh we can't talk about "the trip"
    No cruise!!! I get sea Cabo he can go on charter(s)? I can kick back unless it's FLAT CALM...then I'd go.