Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grandmas's Ticket-Writing Sweat Shop

Manderzz filled out 400 tickets.

Grandma is bossy!
I'm in the bedroom watching DC (everyone else outvoted me in the living room) filling out tickets...

It's in my genes...Grandma is the ticket manager for Sam as I mentioned before. She has a ticket-writing sweat-shop going! We had to write 1000 tickets for the drawing for donations given and time volunteered last night and have more tonight!!
I did 300, Manderzz and Mother did 400 each. The boys were "busy" of course. Dills has friends (???) everyone here thinks he's very cool. And Jr. was texting or IM'ing and swearing he was doing calculus.
I watched DC and After The Catch..I have some thoughts, but this is a cheery blog and I'll wait a day, I get annoyed, sometimes too much!


  1. Wow you are busy your poor hands must be sore. I hope it helps Sam to win. Glad Dills has friends, he is a cool kid all your kids are great. Love the picture of your filling out tickets on the ironing board table. Hee Hee they make great tables those ironing boards.
    CD I was not very impressed with a certain DC person's comment, I think someone is stuck in the 1980's where women are silicon, bleach puffy hair bimbo's. Nope women have brains,know how to use them, and are capable of doing most anything. Surprise, Surprise, women don't come running at the snap of his fingers swoon, gasp, and begin worshiping him, instead we would laugh at how stupid a jerk he is.

  2. Its Getting Nasty over on my blog so I came here to hang out for a bit!!

  3. It's comfie here :) Watch tomorrow for fun signs around Wrangell!
    'night today exhauster me...I did make it for 90 min at the gym though! (gotta NOT be a ugly AK woman!) opps wrong blog

  4. A "working" ticket writing vacation???
    Thanks for supporting the DHD comments on the beautiful Unalaska ladies.

    CB I actually posted on two DC sites to read your comments. CD are you a member of any of the DC forums??

    Guess who I am on the forums?
    Take care

  5. hmmm I can't guess. I tried LOL it's been awhile. I used to go to Deadliest Forums, but honestly just keeping up with the blogs takes my "free" time. I like Unalaska in general more than adoring those DC guys (everyone knows that!) heck, that's how we "met" CB! Ahhh that was sweet of him to do did people respond? Am I flamed? I usually try to be calm...usually

  6. Iam saying NOTHING about DC not touchen it no how no way! ~~~~
    I do have to ask thouogh why is every pic of your most fancy mom with out a HEAD??? I NEEEEEDD to see her with a head. !!!

  7. Ohh look how cute Jr was in his fancy cape!