Friday, June 05, 2009

Birthday Yumminess

THANKS AKDAVE for the hint on where to buy a pure ice cream cake!! It was perfect!

The servers sung for Dills...
This is to tease CB. Jr. was the only one who finished his dinner so he's laid claim to the 3 breadsticks that were left over (Manderzz is sneaking one right now...won't be pretty when he discovers that one is gone)
Grandapa had pizza.

Jr. chose some pasta with shrimp and tomatoes.
Allergic birthday boy, who is forced to eat much healthier than the rest of us chose giant kebobs that were evidently delicious. His poor brother is in the same room as him, I'm not elaborating, but not fun!
Manderzz chose chicken alfredo, she alternates --chicken strips-alfredo-strips-alfredo......
My Step-mom and I both chose eggplant parmesean...I've never had it before. CB it was jsut awful, you didn't miss anything ---I'm so LYING!!!
The salad was OK, not as good as usual I think.
Dills by his favorite resturant!
I just cannot get over seeing temps like this!!

Yesterday was hot and we ran around doing errands most of the day -ughh not my thing. I love to shop online. Driving, parking and dealing with sales people and crowds -ughh what a hassle. But it had to be done.
Later we went to Olive Garden, we were all very tired, but did it for Dills! Manderzz and I went for a walk after getting back to Anacortes, that was nice, but I was still full after the walk and I ate maybe 1/4th of my'll be an Olive Garden buffet here for lunch today :)


  1. There is Going to be SUCH PAYBACK when leave on my next vacation!!

  2. whatever...I'll call from MERCER ISLAND!

  3. That ice cream cake looks delicious!!! Tell Dylan I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm glad he got to eat at his favorite restaurant!

  4. Happy Birthday to Dylan! It looks like it was a delicious time. My sis got the kabobs last time we went and she said they were awesome! I know for a fact the eggplant is...mmmmmwwwaaaa(insert homer simpson donut face.)

    Wow, 92, Alabama can't make up its mind what season it is...I think it's nearly 50 right now.

  5. Good job CD... never have tried that Olive Garden over in Mt Vernon but it looks like we need to :) the pizza looks pretty good.

    Glad you were able to finally locate that ice cream cake you needed.....

  6. CD looks like a wonderful time I love the kabobs and the eggplant. We go to Olive Garden once every couple of monthes. The cake looks great glad he got to have one. CB if you pick on CD she will so not share her next shipment of veggie chips from me... LOL Wow 92 degress sounds like here except add 4 days of rain. I am not complaining my garden loves the rain. I am thinking about having some Red king crab legs for supper tonight. I have 4 packs in our freezer. My seafood lady is hoping to get in some fresh Salmon in the next few weeks can't wait. How are the classes going?

  7. classes? I have classes? opps I finished the last few items that my nutrition teachers needed, got ou the books for Health Law and somehow the time has dissappeared! MUST get that done!
    My husband is loving the King Crab this week...I get itchy all over when I smell the steam so I don't miss that part. But I'll make some GOOD dips, salads and open-faced sandwiches later!
    You have a lot of seafood for being so far away, that's awesome!