Friday, June 19, 2009

Today We MUST Be Productive!

My phone, being ignored.
And my 'puter closed for the night...I NEVER get on it :) I'm not like the others...anyone believe that??
My mother has 2 screens going at all times.
Why does Dills like that shirt? ughhhh...
Manderzz is a super-star athlete on her SIMS game..
Jr's phone...never more than 3 inches away.
He needs to get outside! But he's a rock-star on his game.

Time just went yesterday, we napped, I read, we played on our computers.....what a waste! Or is it what a relaxing day in a very calm place? I did go to dinner with my mom and her 'peeps' (who are my age, mom is pretty quick and fun when she wants to be!) Dills was busy with friends and his 'job' at the food booth, the other 2 kids are playing Sims obsessively. The weather looks better, we NEED to get on a hike, to the beach, to some more stores....something.... I'm wondering if my non-functioning thyroid is causing me to be so lethargic. I haven't read up on HYPO-hypothyroidism only HYPER-hypothyroidism. After all that research on my condition I was sick of it, guess I need to look it up...when I have a free half-hour I'll do that! I have a busy schedule --need to go to the gym, the beach, send some mail off, look for a teacher to proctor an exam, get my kids to do their homework, dishes, vacuum...oh and go to the movie too! My mom's friend wants to see Star Trek, I need to see it again, I slept through it in ANC oops.


  1. Oh lord the wife beater shirt UGH!! Coke Machine came home from camp in one of those last week (note it would have fit manda) SCAREYYYYY!! Think i will throw it away when he is not looking! ~~ Love that your moms puter is on a bing game haw!!~~ Ahh NOOOOOO about you and the puter. your nose is growing as i type! ;op

  2. HaHa .. I was gonna say the same thing! Dills is wearing a wife beater shirt!! LOL Yeah girl you need to get those kids out of the house and off the SIMS!! LOL

  3. The sims is addicting though, i been playing it a bit too much recently!! lol

  4. Cd tell him to let that shirt go NO NO NO WIFE BEATER SHIRT. I know take all the electronics outside right before the kids wake up they will all rush outside to get them. Beware when I did this to the kid she was so angry but it got her outside for a bit. I know try doing half of the chores then take a break get the other half later. Works for me. Enjoy the movie Gal.

  5. Eli has some of those T Shirts as well and they are the only ones he'll wear. Makes grandma very grumpy!

  6. Who the hell eats Cookie Dough raw...? why would you do that...?

    Anyway, its on recall... Nestle Tollhouse due to E.coli....65 people sick.

    Sorry for the hi-jack CD... !

  7. I don't mind, I've been getting emails about it all day LMAO...I make my own and YES, I eat cookie dough, it's the only reason I mix them! I think I'm immune to E.coli? or just dumb? BUT trying to eat better, have only made cookie dough once since we left home on May 26th! It's a record!!! Mango is my new cookie dough! I just need to say that 100x a day, and come up with a way to make mangos not sticky and messy!

  8. Thanks CD....gotta be like 95% sugar which its a good thing ! to the coffee shop for my morning cup, and I seem to remember they have those big ole chocolate chips cookies in a glass container

    The T-shirt him that Sylvester Stallone look, justs needs to work out a wee bit more