Monday, June 01, 2009

Last Full Day in Anchorage Zoo Trip

Guess who's about to lose his phone??????
Manderzz colored, but didn't order off the kid's menu, if she did that there would be no leftovers to share! Boys can eat a lot!
The land otter was very cute!
The yak looked very bored :(

What is jr wearing??? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
This moose was snoozing so hard, she was very relaxed!
Manderzz and Hethykins negotiating which direction we needed to go to find the animals we hadn't seen yet. least we thought the zoo was a fun way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon.
We made them leave the house --ohhh we're soooo mean!
I love petting zoos more than all 3 kids put together!
This lynx was so adorable!
The spoilt rotten teenager's purchases.....
We tried to go to the store that AKGQ recommended, but it was Sunday @ 12pm, it wasn't open. We went to Classic Toys to get some new board game that Jr. HAD to have.

The last day was sunny & warmish after sleeping in and lounging for awhile Jr had some shopping needs, climbing shoes, a web site building book and some new game...we ran and got those items then
we hit the Alaska Zoo, Hethykins and I loved it, my kids not so much, we didn't bother to acknowledge that though, we stopped at every animal there :)
I was outvoted --we ate at TGI Fridays, it was OK. The night was chill too didn't do a lot.

We're ready to head to Seattle in just a couple hours to hang with 3 different sets of relatives until June 12th!


  1. Is JR wearing girls clothes? It looks like he dressed himself out of Juno's closet!

  2. she DID give them to him agghhhh I think they just may disappear!

  3. CD um Jr's pants remind me of really bad motel drapes back in the 70's. No offense meant there sorry that is what came to mind when I saw them. Hee Hee I got a pair of goat hair boots that would match the yak. I love the trip to the zoo what fun. I too like petting zoos. Our neighbor has some baby goats he invited us to see his little ones I got to feed one with a bottle. You would have loved it. Have a great trip to Seattle.

  4. Jr IGNORE those guys the pants are freaken COOL!! Are they from hot topic? LOVEEEE that store! ~~ Isnt that a neat toy store I love going in there ~~ were is that chocolate place you went too? I gotta check that out! Have fun visiting the family tell kerry hi for me!

  5. He looks like a "Club Kid" from New York!!
    Or a homeless person...
    Can not decide which......

  6. Love Classic Toys!! So much better than being at Wal-Mart...
    We'll see K on the 9th for 2 nights :)and I will tell her for ya!

    36th? here's a the font they use :)