Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jumping, Chocolate & Star Trek

Manderzz chose a bar with real mint leaves, Hethykins got blueberry, Jr didn't end up with his first choice of a sampler show here he went with milk chocolate with smoked almonds and it begging to go back because he regrets NOT choosing the bacon bar (eww) I got a a red fire dark chocolate bar with ancho chilies, chipolte peppers and Ceylon Cinnamon! Dills was going to get a Oxaca bar, but opted for the large traditional hot chocolate instead. JP is a unique guy! He chose Enchanted Mushroom ????
Just a small portion of the large selection we had to choose from + beverages & truffles too!

Even the logo is cute I think!Jr. doing some sort of a sumersault --he landed on his feet.

JP doing some impressive move --they really needed to do something like this after the long emotioanlly draining day.
Even Manderzz was messing around, a little scary for me to see. I don't think anyone in Unalska owns a trampoline right now, I'm OK with that! Less chance of an accident. With the wind and storage space, even lawn space at a premium, not to mention rudimentary medical facilities for a neck or back injury I'm glad it's a once-a year type activity!
Boys relaxing...better than video games! And NO texting for a whole hour!!
Dills and Manderzz jumped with Hethykins and her hubby's kids before they took off with Dad in the motor home for Chitna.

BoldAt noon, we hit my new favorite restaurant that serves all the healthy & delicious food. I knew that breakfast or lunch from this place would stick with us for a long time. It did. Not everyone liked everything they chose, but someone else did (except the goat cheese that was quite 'goaty' on Dill's omelet, that got pushed away). Everyone shared and we were ready for the day. We were able to make it to all 3 parts of the funeral in a timely manner with a tiny bit of know-how and a lot of following other people who looked as if they knew what they were doing!

We got back to Hethykin's house around 7pm. Her family had gone camping for several days...she still has to work for another week. She was relaxing or being sad or enjoying the quiet house? I'm guessing all three!

The kids headed straight for the trampoline she commented, "It's only about 50 degrees and a little drizzly" I replied. "That's good weather to them!"

We stopped by a Chocolate Lounge for a special treat, I really had no idea what we'd find there....but it just sounded so intriguing. We had a sample of a spicy (not baking spices more like cayenne) chocolate espresso LOL read: pure, silky melted chocolate. They would dilute with warm milk if was good, but Dills opted for a regular hot chocolate which he declared was the best ever, "I don't think they even use powdered stuff!" LOL omg at those prices they better not!
The rest of us chose a fancy bar of chocolate as our treat. They'll last a week!

We hit a late movie to top off a very long day. Girls did Star Trek and Boys did X-Men. I will say that Star Trek appeared to be a great movie and I can't wait to watch it again and see what sort of plans Josh Whedon has in store for us. (I have not read or heard one things about the subject) as it totally seemed like he's setting something up (something great of course!!) I DO own 15 seasons of TV that he produced, I'm a fan! But, I will admit I think I snoozed half the time. I suck. It just happens when I sit still! Manderzz and Hethykins say they were both poking me at the same time a few times! It WAS way past 11!!!


  1. Spicy Fire chocolate I love it. I Go get several bars and a place here and the hot cocoa with 6 different peppery flavors added. Yummy. I passed our huge trampoline to a nearby family with a bunch of kids, they are always enjoying it no matter what they weather. It is nice to be able to easily mow that section of the lawn. OMG I so enjoyed the star Trek movie and can't wait for the DVD to come out. I also have all the original series and movies on DVD. I am so dating myself LOL.

  2. OMG i totally gotta try the Tokyo Tango wholey crap that looks WILDish!

  3. DUDE Margarita Zing !!!! Gotta TRY it!!!

  4. True! Probably why I keep threatening, but haven't done anything drastic yet!

    Hahah....DUDE Margarita Zing !!!! Gotta TRY it!!! I thought I was the only 40ish who talked like this, LOVE IT!! There are 2 of us in the world!!