Monday, May 11, 2009

Wishing I Was Home!

I need to make a college of 25 years of this same I really want to see that progression??? LOL maybe not!

Heder and Steve picked me up for a quick visit between flights, ANC smelled like summer, it was warm....I didn't want to leave! It was snowing at home --what is that about!??? Just flurries, but it's almost the middle of May!
YUMMY!!! I had half of a Cajun salmon cesear salad too, very good for it not being salmon season yet.
Too fun! There was a machine where you put in $2 and try to grab one of the live lobsters with a crane!!! Steve tried his luck, mostly we watched the employees try, it must be new they kept trying, nobody get a lobster though.
Small town, Lauri was at the airport seeing some friends off.....
My pals seeing me sweet! I've never had anyone that would come to the airport before these guys!

I have 6 weeks of homework to do! Do I want to do it in 3 days?? No!! But here I am. I brought a bunch of salmon (frozen and in jars), halibut, moose, blueberries and salmonberries to ensure we have some subsistence foods from my region not all from the interior. Maybe I'll get extra credit??, but they are understanding and I'll get my work done --somehow!

AG picked me up for my flight, we dropped off Manderzz down the road and CB came to the airport too. He brought me emergency chocolate candy which so far I haven't had to delve into, but I AM in nutrition class, sometimes we get very starved for sugar LOL!

I can in see the photos of me yesterday that I look more and more tired as the day progressed --didn't get into bed until after midnight! I bet I was looking subperb by then. OK off to get ready for a long day of school. I'd rather be at work with AG girl and Bossy...we hardly see her anymore!!


  1. Oh, that lobster crane looks fun!! I bet MS could get one! She's the crane queen!! And that blue drink looked real pretty and yummy!

  2. Oh, and P.S. I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!

  3. Gee - you're a hard blog to catch up on - so many entries - whew! OK, so just briefly let me know what this trip is about? I remembered your trip to ANC, but is this one for school? This isn't the vacation trip that CB keeps telling you to leave Jr. at home now is it? I'm confused - I guess I better go back and read on........oh, well just wanted to say "hi" and wanted to share with you about my daughter. I finally got our swim club to post; although, they did not post any information, but hey, it's a post and I'm just glad (and proud) that she is getting some recognicion. I hope this link works!

  4. AG I miss everyone too! Man, it was hard to leave this time!!
    Lori, I'm just busy LOL...last trip was a last minute one, my husband wanted me to see a real doctor. This one is for college --being sick I've been ignoring my classes, but they sent me a tkt and had me come back up to get back on track.
    We leave on our "real" trip in 15 days! For 7 weeks!
    I'll check out the link between teachers talking :)

  5. CD i want one of those yummy looking blue drinks what do you call it? Catch a live lobster game sounds like fun. You will have to work to catch up on that homework but I know you it will get done. That was nice of CB to see you off and bring chocolate you will survive the nutrition class now. Have fun gal.

  6. I'm resting a bit, then hitting the treadmill to try to wake up to do 5 assignments before 8:15tomorrow morning! The lobster crane game and Blue Hawaiian are at Sea Galley--funky place, but that drink is good, not strong at all!
    So nice of CB, and I haven't had either yet! But they're there just in case!

  7. OK, back on track again. Good luck with your classes and study hard. It will be well worth it in the end. I find it funny that you "packed" your food to take with you, but not funny at all that CB brought you chocolate to survive. LOL!

  8. Good Luck is what I need! I've been out of the school mode for 6 weeks! I have a lot of catching up to do! I still haven't touched my candy. But I have a lot of homework that is stressing me out :(

  9. I wanna play that lobster game! I dont even like lobster but it looks soooo fun!!