Thursday, May 07, 2009

There are Other Kids in my World

"Take the picture Mom!" I just love 13 year olds!!
Still sweet @ 11 years old!
Great picture, except for my piles that are waiting to be ironed....I keep trying and the piles grow everyday!

It seems it's all been about my oldest kid lately, but the other two are there too. They're not hams like Jr. when they see the cameras out they make faces and hide! My middle guy's BFF agreed to do a duet with my daughter for the recital coming up soon. Too cute! They were practicing yesterday....and I got my two younger kids as we were heading out the door this AM. The nearly 14 yo was NOT too happy.


  1. Those first 2 aren't recent pics are they? They look so tiny!!

  2. I got pics of them for tomorrow from the career fair!!!
    Oh, And the G/F's new name is Juno!

  3. ohh yeah I forgot about that name, perfect!!

  4. CD love the kid pictures wow they have grown so much. I think all that sea glass is perfect sigh I am so envious of your collection. I did the spa thing today I am so just going to mellow out and relax this Mother's day weekend. Got a funny for you thank goodness she didn't get a picture, kid took her car to take us to the store little 2 door Honda civic, I had 2 shopping carts full 2 liter drinks, cases of pet foods, paper supplies etc. I like to buy for a couple of months on some items. We got everything in the car but the dog food for kids dog, dog bed and dog bowl. It ended up I rode the 12 miles back home sitting on top of the dog food holding the dog bed with the bowl on my head LOL Thank goodness it was early morning and not many people were about.... I told her to take the truck. I told her if anybody asked I was going to say it was my crash helmet for riding with her ROTFL