Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Exams & Helping Out

This was a great idea...the teachers brought us all into the kitchen, went over all the different food that was available. We quickly planned enough to eat breakfast today, and a mid-morning snack (I made 2 snack-y things, of course) and snacks to feed 30 or so at our celebration later this afternoon (ordering Thai food for lunch --yuk I know 'everyone' likes Thai food, I do not care for anything I've tried so far. We'll see, I chose Drunken Noodles...there is no alcohol in them! The name cracked me up!
In addition to food for breakfast and for our party we made a big meal to take to the residents of several villages who are here in FAI after major flooding has destroyed their homes.
It was so fun! We all divvied up all the items and went to work:
Smoothies and toast with peanut butter for breakfast
Snack mix & peanut butter oatmeal bars for our snacks (no chocolate or even carob anywhere darn-it!) and fresh fruit too.
Salmonberries & blueberries with a dollop of whipped cream in glasses for the party.
Salmonberries & blueberries layered with yogurt & granola (OMG I just realized I used the granola in my 'snack mix' we have none! opps)
A lovely array of muktuk, moose sausage and bison liverwurst (OK, this is grosser than muktuk if you ask me!) to eat with Ak Mak crackers.
2 giant pots of soup with meat, veggies and 1 can of beans were donated.
1 loaf of bread and 2 packages of bagels --donated
2 giant salads donated
1 container of fruit donated.
1 container of lentils (??) donated, not sure what they'll think of those.
It was fun, we cleaned out the kitchen and we did it all in less than an hour.
Yes, we did Tai Chi.....
After I did my interview I needed to shop, lol STRESS SHOPPING. Emily sells us handmade items. I got earrings and a leather case for my scrapbooking scissors, lucky Emily, I was stressing LOL.
Emily from Alitakut (sp?) I'm still begging her for a kuspuk, I told her I'd pay whatever :) Lime green batick cotton pullover shorter rather than longer, but I'm not picky hehe....
Greeting my 'client' Yes, her hair was different the day prior, Yvonne is adorable!! (I DO NOT have socks on, my feet are bare... 'jus saying')
Asking open questions, or maybe reflecting or recapping or one of those things we were supposed to do!
I got extra points for my intense listening skills!!

Home tomorrow --hooray! I miss my kids and friends. Husband is on patrol, so missing him is the same here as it'd be at home. We're planning for him to come with us to ANC in 13 days to get his wisdom teeth removed --ouch! I cannot believe he waited so long!
We had pirok for dinner last night with halibut I brought from home. It was fine, veggies chopped not shredded (like I prefer) and store-bought crust --where is Irene??? Her crusts are the best!! Our dietitian is from Port Lions, so her style of doing things is more familiar to me than the last one, who along with Sarah, the counseling teacher know all about the interior and nothing of the Aleutians! We SURE need a teacher from the Aleutians....ohhh woes us....Is there anyone who just got done working and needs a something new to share their knowledge with others????? Anyone??


  1. Good luck on all your finals! Man, what a schedule you have had - you will need to go home to rest and CB should bring you some good homemade chicken noodle soup - no sweet potatoe fries - LOL!

    Also, just wanted to say thank you for posting on my daughters blog. We actually read them together yesterday and she said "who is cookie dough"? I had fun explaining that one to her.

    Take care - have a safe trip home!

  2. hehe thanks! No resting for me! We have a jam-packed weekend then it's getting things wrapped up at home and at work and packing for me and 2 kids for 7 weeks! (ok 1 bag is all, but with that restriction we have to think a lot before bringing anything!!)

  3. 2 kids for 7 weeks huh?
    What time DO you get in on Thursday?
    And I think you should just get Unalaska to the the class

  4. duhhh the 17 year old can pack for himself!! He'll be there!! :) For part of it anyway.

    5pm tomorrow.

    What a GREAT idea...come on Unalaska :)

  5. CD only one bag my kid would have a fit she needs 4 bags for just a 3 day trip. LOL Your halibut dinner sounds yummy. Tonight we are having spaghetti due to the fact I need to use up the half bottle of opened tomato sauce. I am cooking an extra box of noodles for the furry archeologist, I finally found something that stops his excavations, a big fresh cow leg bone, neighbor brought it to us from a local meat processing plant. The furry archeologist has been gnawing all day long. Love the stress shopping LOL the earrings are great.

  6. oh my gosh glad I don't have any dogs in my world! (well they're there to pet and talk to and love on) but then leave with their owners! That works for me...