Monday, May 25, 2009

No Energy for Peppy-ness

We can see Dad's boat!!!

The weekend has been busy of course. But I've got no energy for peppy blogging. I'll share pics of the graduation, the food we fed those kids on FRI night... lots of food! A weird bright light that showed up, lunch at the hotel, an awesome car wash, game night here at home and a fun BBQ we attended last night another time.

A 16 year old young man that lived here until about 8th grade ....has been killed in an accident. MANY of us watched him and his brother, sometimes for days at a time while their single father worked very hard. They moved to ANC 3? years ago.....We'll be going to the services. Helping other Unalaskans get around (there will be a bunch flying over) etc. So there ya go. We've done tons of fun things, but it seems very superficial.

We did see the boat coming in on SAT as we were dropping trash off at the landfill, that was cool and I'm glad we get to see my husband before taking off for vacation. He's got subsistence king crab and red salmon to keep him entertained for 2 weeks (he's even off work to do it all day long!) Then he's off to Bristol Bay.


  1. CD nice picture of the boat she looks sharp. In my opinion she should get a cammo role/ shot on a certain program because she is awesome looking. So sorry to hear the sad news. All the activities you do some how seem mundane when a young person is killed. It is like a cold dose of reality just hits you. I am glad you all are helping those who want to attend the service. It is a comfort to the remaining family to have people they know at the service. I am planting some different peppers in my garden, So far I have, jalapeno, habenaro, cayanne, and in pursuit of chiles. I like to harvest them then make a green salsa using all of them, spicy, but excellent taste.

  2. Hopefully that Beautiful boat will be shown in the video for when the Cornelia Marie Goes into Drydock. They had cameras set up all over the Stimson Dock when The CM went to Magones!
    I hope you are able to make it to the Funeral. I think everyone needs them for Closure.

  3. CB I hope they do if not I will be, pouting and complaining loudly. LOL

  4. CD I am so sorry to hear of a young life ended too early. God has plans for each one of us I firmly believe. He touched lives as he walked on Earth and continues to influence many as he sits with God now.