Sunday, May 03, 2009

OMG Boys are Dumb --Part 3 of the Longest Day EVER!

OMG this didn't's an illusion.
Guys DO gossip.
The whole happy group!
Getting the fire started.
T is a Renaissance man!
They're still whispering.....
I was exhausted at 12:30, Sonia shortly after that. Linda made sure the silly boys all got home safely.
Not too many sticks to be found to use as kindling!

I'm not even going to comment on these pics. They do not need explanation! This week while in Kodiak I walked into the living room and saw a Dirtiest Jobs on TV that showed my neighborhood. They were cleaning up a diesel spill. If you saw that you might recognize my neighborhood. There are headaches and silly stories. I went to bed 3 hours before my beloved husband did....goofy guys!! Linda didn't drink and got everyone home safefully, just half a mile down the road. And we must have the mellowiest neighbors in the WORLD because nobody complained even with the TERRIBLE music (Kid Rock?? Blasting for hours) OK I liked one song.


  1. Looks like GOOD TIMES! Wanted to wish you luck as you finish up your classes. I'm writing my final paper of the semester today. I'll get a month break, then back to the studies.

  2. I saw that Dirtiest Job episode. Typical guys doing silly stuff. Good pictures though. Glad your neighbors are mellow, Kid rock for hours. My neighbors would be complaining after the first 2 hours.
    Right now I think they are hoping I have a garage sale they keep stopping by and asking me when it is going to be. I keep telling them,"Sorry no garage sale just kid moving back for a couple of months." I think all the kid's stuff has finally been moved. I have enough furniture in my basement to fill 3 bedrooms with items left over. I have 5 beds mattresses, springs,and frames down there, one king sleigh bed, one full, 2 twins and one queen airbed, 3 chest of drawers, 2 dressers, 6 furry mushroom chairs, 4 end tables, 4 nightstands, and more plastic bins,.... GAH, they are multiplying LOL. It only took her all weekend end to get the stuff moved. I am still trying to figure out how she accumulated all of this stuff. The best is the plastic bin with 85 pair of sunglasses... you name the color it is there. Sigh kids....

  3. I wish I'd seen that episode! It looks like you guys were having a great time! Is it still that cold up there? Bonfires and hoodies still?

  4. Mystic...I am feeling better and have TONS of work to make up, I think I can get a bit of time :(. I'm slowing down after I finish them, I'm not taking so many...

    Liz...that's the look year 'round here!

  5. Kid Rock hellzs ya baby!! Iam much enjoying the fire walkers Maybe they took Kid rocks So hot to far?? ;opLooks like the boys were haven a great time!!