Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice First Day Back

So need to stop having yummy lunches... umm starting tomorrow :) The special at Mag Bay was yummmmy today!

So not a fan of dirt or bugs...she refused to walk at Little South America because a bee stalked her 2 weeks ago!

We're walking & walking & walking....2.5 hours total!
Jr wanted to make sure all the pieces were sent with his tux (prom is tonight) and that he knew what all the parts were 'Uncle CB' knew of course. Last year poor Jr's tux didn't arrive. He pieced together an outfit from 5 guys, it was very sweet of the town to help the boys whose tuxes didn't come, but even better to have one!
CB's finds...he was doing so much better than me!

My treasures, Manderzz found most of them and 2 very green ones are from CB. I was tired I guess not on my best game.

Work was BUSY FRI, I was pinch-hitting for my office-mate and catching up too. (and checking in with my two pals now and then too!) My daughter had a quick lunchtime concert, practiced her duet with her brothers cute (AKGlitterqueen don't look at the video, very typical 11 &12 year olds banging away LOL)
CB had some stress that I won't mention....this is a happy blog, I won't mention my friend's criminal acts! He needed bbq food, we just needed dinner! He brought hot dogs and beans, Manderzz made french fries, CB had a couple of was a chill night. TOO BAD someone was GRUMPY and someone else was "too busy!"

After the long walk Manderzz and I attempted to make some microwave popcorn that CB brought her (a whole cute pkg of movie-watching munchies) JUNK FOOD SUCKS!!! I can't do junk food. We about burned the house down. 2 bags, both created billowing black smoke. My house still stinks. (who knew that the glass plate MUST be in place??? It was sticky I had it in the dishwasher. A pot on the stove is easier hmmppphhhh.... we had nachos with shredded cheese, not liquid-y fake-y cheese. I hope the burned smell eventually fades.
The scary thing is not one fire alarm went off????? I don't have a ladder handy and I'm not driving the ginormous truck to get the ladder to deal 'wif changing batteries...Are they battery powered or electric?? I don't have a clue. My husband needs to email me!


  1. should get ones that are hardwired into your electric system. The burnt popcorn smell does go away...eventually! Like 3 weeks the last time. So sweet of "uncle" CB to help him with his tux. Love the pic of the two of them.

  2. You look awesome in that first picture! That hike looks like fun. More sea glass! *jealous!* I'm really glad the tux was in one piece this year, but wow, that's really awesome that everyone helped out when Jr. needed it last time. *sigh, I want to come visit! lol!

  3. CD try this it worked when kid burned popcorn in one and that became her microwave, try putting a cup of vinegar in microwave mug and heat it for 4 minutes. You can also use about four or five teaspoons of vanilla flavoring in a cup of water heated for the same amount of time. Wet coffee grounds in the water works also. Our local volunteer fire department stops by every 4 months to look at our smoke detectors and change the batteries if they need it we usually give them a donation.
    I am so jealous of your sea glass I love your treasures that you find. I am glad CB was able to help out Junior with his tux.I know after his rash of criminal behavior he needed a "Good Influence." LOL Kids want to look good for their prom Hmmm I think I have bought like 8 prom outfits for the kid.
    I discovered that The Frustrated Furry Archeologist enjoys shredding old blankets, now my yard not only has a truck load of dirt and gravel scattered everywhere but the bits of the old blanket kid gave him to sleep on oh the joy of the kid's dog. I wonder if the penguins in Antarctica would enjoy a visit from him LOL

  4. The video was precious and CB helping your son with the tex too! You too look great in the first pic! I too am envious of the sea glass - it's just old broken up bottles that have been in the sea for a long time, right? What makes them so special that people collect it? Fill me in here - clueless in FL - LOL! :-)

  5. I really have no clue! I've always picked it up though...when they're "done" they do look very cool, frosted and soft. Finding unique colors is a fun goal too. There is a North American Sea Glass Society (who knew??)
    I've been seeing earrings around town and on the Internet. I have no talent for that, I wish I did!

    Send the earring guy my way if anyone knows him!