Friday, May 15, 2009


It WAS chilly at first with that freezing cold fog and a little wind, but after a bit the wind died down and it was lovely.

The kids are bonding, finally LOL like we gave them a choice!

Waiting for CB and I to find at least 1 piece of sea glass each (CB found both) but we couldn't leave until we had them!

Really foggy this morning at 6am!

I was excited to eat some yummy fancy egg-y sandwich creation --I got a gross soggy- mild salsa slathered burrito. Was like a bunch of watery catchup on it, how disappointing!

Hethykins never gets a latte, they're overrated I think! Give me a decent pot of homemade coffee, lattes hurt my stomach!

This is Penair in ANC --not much prettier than the one at home (less cigarette smoke though!)
Why do we get the lamest, most hard-to-get-to (construction obsticles galore) departure area??

Only I gain weight at nutrition class with a HYPERactive thyroid too. figures.
Whatever food tastes good.


  1. that is a cute pic of AG and mandders! And why is the dep area always the very FARTHEST darkest coner of the airport?? Heather is just too cute, you guys look like you could be sisters ~~ Phew iam gonna live now that i got my daily dose of Just a Mom!!

  2. You crack me up, CD! I am sure I could gain weight at a nutrition class too! You still look GREAT! Welcome back :)

  3. Love the pics! So glad to have you back!! We won't even talk about you-know-when.

  4. only 11 more days.....OMG we must do lots :(
    Sorry guys booked it all last NOV when I didn't have friends to do fun things with...LMAO

  5. I am going to Call on Saint Michael for a delay unless we have a massive amount of fun before the "Day that shall not be spoken of"

  6. CD wow that is some serious fog. Hey our departure and arrival here isn't much better half the time you have to walk across the tarmac to the plane... LOL but the security is unreal they even check your belts.
    Well tried the truck load of dirt and gravel mix on THE FRUSTRATED FURRY ARCHELOGIST'S EXCAVATIONS; it went something like this:
    1. Free pickup truck load of dirt and gravel gas cost me $15.00
    2. 6 $5.00 Pzza's for kid and 3 friends
    3. 2 cases of coke total $5.00
    4. 3.5 hours later all excavations filled and packed down
    5. Took THE FRUSTRATED FURRY ARCHEOLOGIST 2 hours to reexcavate the excavations
    6. I have decided to consume mass quantities of Tequila
    7. Kid still laughing hilariously