Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arty Kids @ the UCSD Art Show

Juno painted this one....her mother was trying to figure out who it resembled. She spotted our very own AG. That's her! She screamed, for reals. Juno's mum has a loud voice! Too funny!!
Juno next to her winning painting. There is a lot of texture, it's very nice, hard to do it justice with a picture. She got $100 cash!! She's really involved in Art Club (maybe the president?) and has had no rest since before prom, she's a bit wiped out here. She was on the stage handing out prizes even. I hope she slept last night!
This creation is what Jr confiscated some of my sea glass for ---??? It's next to a bunch of stuff so it looks even crazier than it is. Umm... can I have my glass back when you're done with it?
Jr's photo --he won a card to add minutes to his cell. Every teen loves minutes!!
I still think this dude deserved a prize :) We soooo need to make sock creatures! I would watch, buy the supplies, encourage, bake, cook, buy DVDs to watch, anything but sew!!

So I'm not an artist AT ALL. I have the "stuff" to make cards etc. and scrapbook pages, I used to even teach classes. But I'm not creative. I just like colors I think :) And shopping!!!

Jr signed up for art class this year, skipping pre-calc...which caused a headache for all. He has to take pre-calc this summer, lucky him! It's all about a chick and a trip to Paris...or maybe he loves creating art, but I do know he's having fun and trying his hardest!

The school had an art show, my 2 boys had pieces in it, as did AG's eldest kiddo. And Juno Jr's g/f had a bunch too. Jr got an honorable mention for a photograph he took last summer on vacation in Kodiak and Juno won "best in show" for a very cool painting of a stormy sea. I think her stuffed animal should've gotten something ..... But I digress.... CONGRATULATIONS ' JUNO' GREAT JOB!!!

I made some turkey enchiladas, refried beans and some chips and horrible cheese sauce from a jar. (I'm not a total food freak, I'm just marginally healthier than the average mom!) AG made some Mexican rice and we had dinner before the show. I'm still working on those freezers and appreciate the help :) We had them for lunch here at work today too.

K, back to school work. I was out of it for 6 weeks and have some MAJOR catching up to do! I'm not going to fail!!!

If the weather holds we're going for a hike tonight :) yay!
After another dinner made from food from every corner of my kitchen!

So just a side-bar I LOVE THIS TOWN, have I ever mentioned that?? Rodney just stuffed 2 big boxes in my RAV 4....I ordered a rolling suitcase for each of my boys, no more ginormous duffel bags --ever!! AG saw from the front office. Now I know who sneaks pkgs in there for me! The UPS guy!! THANK YOU!!!!!! It's so much easier than him hauling them into the office and me hauling them back out again. Unalaska is the bestest place to live!!


  1. Iam kinda digging Jr's montage of sea glass and skeletal parts. I really like his pic most cool! I think that sock doll is adorable cute and fun Ü ~~PS tell "The Pest" she NEEEEDS to let you put up the eating stamp pad pics!! PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE if i still drank soda of any kind id send her some.humm what other bribery would work..... I do own an ear piercing gun....... ;op

  2. Manderz:SHE DOES?????
    then, "OK but I better have clothes on" So I need to find one where she's wearing more than a diaper.

  3. CD I love Jrs. creation it has flair. Gee wonder if he could take a picture of the horror side of the backyard the section that thang occupies maybe he could call it modern art LOL. Anyway I love his picture so glad he won. His GF's work is great. she is very talented love her artwork the stormy Sea is awesome. I know what you mean I am glad our neighbor is a seamtress, I'll go but her some groceries in trade while she does my sewing LOL. Hey I do horrid on the paint by number kits they never seem to look like the picture at all... ROTFL
    Don't you just love those huge rolling suitcases. I can put everything in it and then only have my little bag to worry about the big one gets checked at the counter. I know you can't wait to get on your vacation.

  4. tell her ill bring it with me if i come visit in aug. ;o)GOOOOD luck finding her "crafting" with more then a diaper

  5. Very cool stuff. I admire artistic people!

  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! OH YES!!!! this is CLASSIC!!!! Very Ramona the Pestish!! THank you i will stop nagging now!!! ok at least for a little while! ;op

  7. Yeah, that was the best I could do and maintain her modesty! Looking for that pic when you gave her a diet pepsi for a b-day gift! OMG she was excited!

  8. She thought she had something FANTASTIC!!lol Wasnt she turning 2 ?? maybe 3??? lord I am a bad influence. Plying toddlers with caffine !

  9. That was ages ago..who knew it was bad?? Remember your saying -"Remember when muffins and croissants were 'healthy'" heheh

  10. HAHA right!! I should have know'en then when i had a bagel/ muffin BUTT!! king size at that!