Friday, May 29, 2009

I Rocked Color Pin Bowling & the Kids JUST ROCK

Manderzz rocking "The Kill" ?? never heard of it. She's on the big screen, how freakin cute is that??
.There she is rockin out. OMG I love it!
Dills rocking some Ozzy song on the big screen or maybe it was Black Sabbath, sounded REALLY old! It's hilarious they know more old hard rock songs then I do.
Soo cute!
Hethykins got a strike!
Manderzz had to leave the house quickly to grab her brother, not as dressed up as usual :)

I had to put this picture on, Dills is happier than I've seen him in a picture in a long time!
Fun, fun, fun....and they didn't jump SUPER high...Jr is here now and it scares me a lot!!

Mandrzz entertaining herself at the orthodontist's office. They just moved into their new office and didn't have a plant in this corner shelf yet.
I didn't get a better picture, he inhaled his banana split sooo fast! It was his first EVER!
She got a brownie oreo sundae. I shared a few bites, I knew she wouldn't finish :)
Hethykin's cubicle!!!

I had yet another appointment for my thyroid scan, but we ran to Hethykins' cubicle before the appointment. We found a cute kitchen store to buy some spoons. I had spoon issues, I neeeded a couple ice tea spoons, soup spoons and Chinese-style spoons too, hooray three things off the big list.

My boss emailed that it appears to her that I'm now hypothyroid...geeez it sure changes quickly. BUT I see the endocrinologist in 2 hours for her opinion/diagnosis/prognosis. Finally a specialist!!

We ran to the mall for Manderzz she was flippin out for some shopping (fueled by CB's texts --did your mom take you to the mall? To fast food yet?) We didn't have a lot of time, but had 2 pairs of jeans to return and a $20 certificate for Old Navy to spend...3 of us looking at everything only spent $17...the selection was awful.

A visit to our family orthodontist was next...he moved, had a bit of a time finding the new office, but we survived. Dills is looking good...Manderzz will probabaly be needing braces within a year or 2. Not too bad.

Kids jumped and jumped even though it was drizzly and about 49 degrees. They needed to burn off their extra energy!!

After ordering pizza online, even paying for it --soooo easy. It was a local place too. Not even a chain. Very handy....we grabbed jr from the airport & went bowling. We didn't plan it, but it was color-pin bowling and then also Guitar Hero night. Both kids beat their songs on expert withjust a small fumble at the begining and a restart...they were so excited they were the 1st two to play!! I got 3 strikes on the color-pin bowling, 2 free games and a EVIL diet soda that we shared. Hethykins won a little frog for me :)


  1. busy family time, plus I can tell you are enjoying the extras of "city" life and foods

    Take care

  2. CD you sound like you are having fun. I am so glad that you are seeing a specialist to find out what is going on. Kid and I went to the spa, I have electric blue finger and toe nails, LOL How funny you went to buy spoons I went to get salad bowls at one. The kid hooked up her Wii she and her BF are entertaining me with the Dance party. I prefer the carnival ski- ball I do well one that ha ha. I used to go bowling but my pretty pink ball spent so much time in the gutter everyone started calling it "Wino." Love the pictures of the kids rocking they look great. Awww you got a frog that is great. Have a great time gal you deserve it.

  3. Ok Tink was reading your blog and says Manda is so big now, she would be more fun to dress up cause she would talk. LOL!!!Although she may have way to much to say if tink dressed up in her sceane clothing ;op~~ She also noted that you guys went to cold stone and i had to hear about how we havent been there for ever. UGH! ~~~ I love that kids are on the big screen SWEEET!

  4. noo we went to the little mall Dairy Queen...hmmm Coldstone. I think we will NEEED Coldstone after the day we're going to have today. I wish you guys had be avail this week...but in reality all the dr appts and the funeral are here, so this is where we should be.