Friday, May 08, 2009

Bonding with April

Love all of CB's green lately!!! Isn't April cute?
JD was getting some junk food...guess he had to switch to Haborview after the Crab Pot closed? ohhh JD....making your mom some cookies right now! Maybe some will make it home? And YES! of course I'll make those brownies for your b-day!
April seemed to enjoy the fries and the pizza was delicious too --CB and I loaded ours with jalapenos of course!!

I should've cut CB out of this one bahahaha...I may be in trouble, I fear retaliation is coming!

Last night I met up with CB and April from Akutan,
I learned that April is my son's g/f (AKA Juno according to CB) cousin! April's sister used to work for the same company that I work for, I used to talk to her often! Not too surprising, but I didn't know!

We had some pizza and had a very nice visit. We introduced April and her hubby to sweet potato fries! They're heading to ANC today, already looks like a great day for travel. Have fun guys!!
I'm already tired.... this weekend and next week are going to be intense! Oh wait it's going to be busy until JUNE 14th when I fly to WRG. I'll sleep for 2 or 3 days...I'm not even kidding!


  1. There is that one photo from last night that I was going to give Junior as blackmail that could be published...........

  2. I remember! :) That wasn't was another short blond with a green jacket and a big smile.

  3. That is not waht the Hidden Cameras show.........

  4. Those frys look DANGER!! ok CB now i wanna see the pic of "the short blond in the green jacket and smile that is not CD"

  5. ohhh I would never do what that pic shows!! NEVER!! :)

  6. CD I want to see CB's picture hee hee. You look like your enjoying those sweet potato fires. Glad you had a great time. Gal you are gonna need a vacation to recover from your vacation.LOL

  7. The month at my mom's is for relaxing...well except for making up homework and traveling to 2 other islands for visits and having 2-3 sets of friends come visit....ohh never mind I won't rest at all LOL..