Thursday, May 28, 2009

70 Degrees When We Landed

Dills trying to score on some free wireless...too bad his battery was at 1%.
Manderzz' job is my texting secratary. She's getting faster all the time. I'm not a good driver, or a fast texter, help is imperative!
Not a bad car....silver is my least favorite color for cars, but that doesn't matter at all, it's not MY car.
Being Mom's secratary while waiting for the car --or maybe texting little Mellychops...who knows?
Jolly Green Giant just wants to get going and WAS nearly 9pm.

YAY! Bossy found my good camera on OPLG's desk (I guess I was visiting her?) Thank goodness our flight was late OPLG ran it over THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!! I can't stand my old one and was soooo upset that it was missing!Dad was having a busy day....
M&M&M....anyone recognize the toddler from another blog??? They stayed for a long time! Gaby & Eldie came too...very sweet!
The "best" picture of Mt. Redout steaming away that "Laslo" the random grizzled fisherman on the plane got with my camera....
Dills... still looking like Robin Hood.

Manderzz loves to fly! Especially take offs, landings and turbulance ---what's up with that!!

We were an hour late leaving for some reason never communicated to the passengers, but we had lots of visitors and the pilot ended up being a good friend of my hubby's from Kodiak years ago, LOVE THAT! It was 70 degrees in ANC --wow!! Dyl and I loved the sweet smell and the heat...Manderzz prefers beach smell and cool overcast weather. I am Norweigan and a little bit native I don't need sun!

The flight was uneventful...except Mt. Redoubt was in view on the OTHER side of the plane...I asked "Laslo" some old random fisherman to get a couple shots, they weren't great and I had to endure this dude talking to me for the rest of the flight, even asking me to meet him for coffee "back in DUT" I laughed at that. ME PLEASEEEE??? eeek what I won't endure to get a picture!

Picking up the car was fine, except for the smarmy car rental agent trying to upsell me or whatever their term may be and make me pay double what I wanted to pay! Ughhh... I saiud No, no no... I'm good thanks.

Had a late supper before heading to Heder's as I know they go to bed early. They get up at 4am.


  1. Ahhhh, MA is so cute! She is so sick right now though...cried a lot last night while we were trying to sleep. Poor baby. So is Manderzz the one sending me texts? should I be censoring my responses?

  2. one from Manderzzz...last one from me! She's a good secratary can handle most stuff LOL

  3. CD love the pictures looks like you all had fun. Hey as long as yuou get the the insurance don't worry about the upgrade. I always when possible rent the big Lincoln Continental, but I want it for the trunk room, Hee Hee. You know me and my boxes of stuff. Ha ha love it you get picked up on a plane, gee me - the trash dump. Oh the bloated, filthy, smelly things you can find at our local dump. Needless to say I left him, err it, whatever it was at the dump in front of the sign marking the designated area for household trash LOL. The two paperback books in the book bin were the treasure of the day and they don't talk back LOL.