Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 Appointments, 2 Yummy Meals and a Whole Lot More

Manderzz got chicken and fries of course... it was soaked in Tabasco-- YUM I think it's sooo cool that she loves spicy food.
Dills taking advantage of the "bottomless" strawberry lemonade.

This is how fun my appts were for the kids.
We will bring lots of bags home in July...getting some staples for the next year. AND OMG!!! The ginormous container of strawberries was not even $5! We HAD to have it!With the cousins.
And my sis-in-law....geez look at me, I didn't realize that I looked soooo buxom LOL. Must work on that diet plan...yeah right.

We hit the road running yesterday! I was up right before 5am with my friend, her husband was already heading out the door for work! I had appts for my thyroid at 8am, 10:45am and 2pm. So tiring. We ran around and went to dull stores in-between (stuff on this side of town is not to our liking) We had a yummy lunch with my sisterin-law and my 2 nephews, they were adorable, shy but so cute! The older one was freshly shaved for 2 weeks in Palm Springs...they shoudl be landing there anytime. They took a red-eye last night or technically this morning??? They change so much every time I see them! (that means I don't see them often enough)
It was cool, drizzly and only 51 degrees out...imagine that!! I want it to be summer-y! Everyone in ANC is thrilled...WE NEED this it's been too dry...whatever...
We did find a store that Dills was so thrilled about --Natural Pantry, there was a ton of food he can eat without hives and other "not lovely" stuff happening! He was very excited. After all that running around I needed a nap, so I took one!
A Costco field-trip was next, then dinner (oooh so yummy just caught, just made smoked salmon on cesear salad absolutely delicious) some homework completed the was cold and I was not energetic enough to go to a movie.
Jr flies in tonight...he's coming for NOT a good reason, the funeral and to support his buddy the brother. JP is flying in too. They're such good boys! This extremely sad event will be new territory for all of us.

We get to bring Jr. to Washington with us, we of course love that!! The relatives down there all want to see him and were so bummed when he was staying home. Dills is looking forward his big bro to coming to the water-slide hotel
Where we're going for 2 nights to celebrate his b-day! We're also going to Olive Garden, both boys will be in unlimited salad and bread stick heaven!! I promise just a few pics from there CB LOL....he loves it there too I hear. Time to run again....


  1. NO pictures from Olive Garden unless you plan on Sending me a salad and Dressing Overnight along with Chicken Parm and 30 breadsticks!!
    Are both JR and JP on the same Plane? I have to know how much "emergency Chocolate" to bring to the airport!

  2. And you do not look "Buxom" You have breasts. You are supposed to. The Fishermen all seem to like them....

  3. nooooo that is not "comfie"

    JP is flying out on FRI morning sometime. 'mergency chocolate sureeee does come in handy --you should be in the business of spoiling people :)

  4. He is in the business of spoiling people! Hello...hotel hospitality?

    Most people RELAX while on work harder.

  5. I was being relaxing allowed until WRG! Ohhh I'm going for my 3:45pm nap! I doooo love naps at 3:45 :)

  6. CD you went to Red Robin oh I am so envious our Red Robin is closed something to do with grease, a fireworks stand in the parking lot, and worn electrical wiring. No I was no where near it I swear. I bet the salad was great. Please pretty please post us Olive Garden pictures nice up close ones that way CB can see the yummy food LOL. Gal you are not too buxom we are curvaceous. You look great. Looks like Dills is going to have a fun B-day. Enjoy your shopping looks like you are making a nice stock pile of goodies there. I'll trade you our humidity and thunderstorms for your weather. Afternoon naps are great I enjoy mine when I can. Glad to see all are doing well, don't push yourself do hard.

  7. Olive Garden isn't until June 4th :(
    I didn't sleep, but rested all afternoon. We're going to pick Jr up soon! Maybe go bowling!