Saturday, May 23, 2009

BBQ & My Sweat Shop

A nose and a mouth were added to my "Ianto" on the left. Not sure what Juno is planning on doing with her little Pokemon look-alike. (it'll probably cost me $10??)They ARE teens...they played video games for HOURS after the sweat-shop closed. This was weird--- 007 on N64?? OMG CB sure was excited! His era I think? I was too tired to even see straight. We HAD to watch some Torchwood after dinner :)

Even SP made a little piggy from a couple baby socks (they need to finish another night all 3 piggies still need eyes & tails) pigs were not as simple as they looked.

Isn't SP the cutest!?

Jr made me a "special" little Pokemon look-alike. He gave it to me for free...the girls are talking about charging me $5 an hour for their efforts hmmphhhh...

These are the first 2 zebras that Juno and Manderzz made on THUR night. So cute! It was homework for Juno too. Smart!! (she made the purple & pink one Manderzz made the green one) She is teaching all the other kids to make animals Ms. Goodwin --how cool is that???

Bossy in a CB's German potato salad induced coma --notice the kind cropping bossy??!! Get our COLA thing worked out K?

JP didn't make this creature, it was laying around, but JP is cute so I took a pic.

YUM!!!!! CB can BBQ! I tend to forget about my food out there on the porch and fires I don't BBQ when the boat is gone.

YUM! I'm making more tonight. Some with chicken some with moose! Dills asked for MORE vegetables (love that!) We don't have any organic produce until we return from vacation, but THAT store should have a better selection today as the ship delivers new stuff on THUR? FRI? SAT? it seems to vary, but SAT is a safe bet for a better produce selection.

Go CB, go CB ....WE got a yummy meal this week. Not the housekeepers :)

Alena! was in charge of finding a fun cocktail. She found raspberry cosmos. They were delicious I'm new at shopping for the sort ingredients that were needed; I learned that raspberry vodka and blackberry vodka are interchangeable, good to know, right??

Did we have a theme?? Nahhh it's the standard-issue Unalaska uniform handed out as newbies step off Penair (or a small private plane if you're my family....not as cool as it sounds!!)

Bossy brought some Cookie Dough Bites!

We had a little BBQ here last night and fed the kids that work in CD's sock animal sweat shop. CB made most of the food night, I was in a meeting Thursday night and didn't have time to do anything --thank you! It was enough just to clear off the counters and sweep before everyone came...and oddly Alena! was here even before I even grabbed CB from "the other side"
AG was home sick --still. She & her kiddos missed the party :(

I like silly little animals that are homely... I have a book about them even (I have a lot of random books) I showed Juno and she NEEDED to do an art project, Jr was at the same meeting I was so Juno & Manderzz sewed on THUR. Now I've got my very own sweat-shop going! I'll do everything but sew!! Juno's a keeper I've decided, she sewed a button on Dills' shorts!! I HATE TO SEW! I do lots of things, never anything to do with thread. I used to send all of mending to my mother, I thought she enjoyed fixing things, in reality she was helping some lady make money by hiring her to fix our things! I asked nicely how the mending was going one time and she admitted that her seamstress was 'back on the meth' OMG so much for mended clothes. I will use the seamstressed here in Unalaska (or Juno if she's willing) She tells me she already fixes Jr's clothing... I didn't even know! They sheepishly admitted they knew it wasn't even worth asking me) Seeee, I'm not a super-mom, I DON'T SEW, ever!

I've misplaced (I hope) or lost (BAD!!!) my newer, better camera! I haven't even had it a year, I hope it turns up before we leave! I also lost the pictures I took Thursday (on my back-up camera) of Gigi and Aiden's visit, of Jr getting a gift for serving with us on the school board and of Juno and Manderzz making their first sock animals (EVERYONE wants a custom-made one... ahemm AG!!) I was so bummed I pouted and didn't even blog yesterday. I downloaded the pics, I think but they are GONE. Even CB couldn't find the them, we both searched everywhere on my hard-drive. I WAS very tired when I downloaded them, it was midnight THUR. Note to self: No tech-y things ever when very tired!

The guys are home today in a few hours! Tonight is graduation...we're getting close to the end of the 'events' -- 2 more on Monday then we're out of here on Tuesday. I've got the schedule jam-packed until the 4th of June (Dills' b-day). That's about as far ahead as my brain works. I have 5 follow-up appointments for my thyroid drama (nice!) I told the HMO-like entity who we work with that we're weren't pleased with how long it was taking to get an appt with them, that we had GREAT insurance and were going private. The endocrinology case manager called back in a few minutes later, she remembered a cancellation, Now I have all sorts of appts including 3 at another facility hmmmm.....
There are other appts for my younger kids, they are to be checked out by Jr's orthodontist --just in case. They're very anxious to have braces. For over 2 years I took Jr to ANC to see the orthodontist, we did fun things like bowling & ice skating! I think their teeth are fine. Poor kids, we sort of had some of their baby teeth pulled at strategic times. (They were PERFECTLY lovely baby teeth! No Mtn Dew Mouth here!!!) We had it done so the permanent teeth would come in straight...they did! Is that mean?......sort of I know, but all those trips to ANC plus the cost of braces X3..ughhhhh!!! At least it'll be a lot less money and hassle now even if they do need braces.
Dills has a little cavity to get fixed, but I quit our dentist here for good after my last experience and we're all getting eye check ups too.

I'm avoiding a whole bunch of housework and the boat will be in soon....I better quit yapping.


  1. I love your "yapping"....I think it's been said before, but I'm exhausted after reading your blogs! You are one busy woman....take it easy and get some well-deserved rest on your "vacation" and I hope everything goes well for you at your doctor appointments!

  2. OMG Lauri re-read the post, K. I edited it!! Not awake when I initially wrote it.

    We'll rest in Wrangell :) It's a very quiet place.

    You have a GREAT vacation too! Have fun being showed off and showing off your hubby to your family! (mine never comes on summer vacations to see family) I sort of forced the issue once, he missed a week of king crab fishing in June (fog)...omg THAT was a mistake. then he's in Bristol Bay for 5-6 weeks. Sooo, good time to do the relative visiting circuit I think!

    PS Dr. Who and Torchwood are awesome!! :) just in case...

  3. MT Dew Mouth is Not the fault of Mountian Dew!!! And is a Horrible prejudicl remark!!
    It come from a variety of sources including poor nutrition, non fluoriated water and a genetic predisposition possessed by the people of English/Scottish Origin towards poor teeth.
    Is the ENTIRE nation of Great Britan's Teeth the Fault of Mountain Dew?
    I think not.
    Not feeling so bad about that volcano blowing on monday night now.......

  4. defensive much? I'm just saying MY kids didn't have nasty teeth when we had them pulled it was to avoid massive orthodontics...I moved a giant box of Mtn Dew for someone just today. I could've put it back on the shelf :)

  5. CD love the a Mountain DEW mouth comment. Yep we all know it caused the volcano to errupt CB probably gave it so much that it got sick... LOL

    Glad you had CB there to make your BBQ great. Remember to rest in ANC so you will enjoy Wrangell. Wow you are getting all the medical done good idea. Yummy looking cosmos got to try some of that raspberry vodka, I love the cookie dough bites that is cute.

  6. I love the sock critters those are great. I can't sew worth a flip either.

  7. Margarita, Washington, maybe Canada is in-between ANC & WRG :)
    I am good at getting all over on vacation...these kids need to see more than the beautiful islands of Unalaska & Amaknak with the occasional jaunt to Hog Island!

    If I'm stuck I'll just whine and pout and be disagreeable..that is no fun at all!

  8. Washington and maybe Canada you lucky gal. I love the Canadian maple syrup candy yummy. I know you will have a good time on vacation. A few boxes will probably greet you in Wrangell, hee hee I plan to send them out next week. They will come in handy for those "Mom we are bored moments." LOL Kids will be happy with the contents of one of the boxes... I hope you don't get stuck so I will continue you to channel all good vibes in your direction Gal.

  9. Sorry, I just get defensive about Mountain Dew!!