Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Morning Day 2 RNS Spring

lunch....healthy and delicious!
I'm a radio star!!!

THESE are not my feet, I've been looking at them all day.... thoughts? I'm speechless.
I don't know what this is called, but I LOVE IT!!
This is what we're having at the next get-together, no more dip!! It's evil. Rye Krisp with a tomato slice & avocado wedge...brillant!

YET another snack...I am passing on the cookies that are out now --no really. I had that candy :)
Brenda teaching us about motivational interviewing, a very good lesson!

Confession: I just ate my Reeses Cups! BAD CB....or is it THANK YOU CB?? Geez...
This morning was jam-packed. I got the materials to teach the Strong Woman class (finally)I can't see having time for that for awhile though.
We ate a lot of fiber and then we ate lunch LOL...


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the flips with socks!! it offends my love of all that is holy about shoes!

  2. Is that YOUR feet??? The socks with the flip flops?? Bwahahaha!! I agree with Glitter Queen - that is a definite NO NO!! I'm not even into fashion and I know that! LOL

  3. This class is Supposed to be about subsistance living is it not? WHAT is more vital to a diet than Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Antioxidents, Protein and simple satisfaction all tied up in one little bite of heaven! Small in size, easy to transport, a concentrated energy source.........Really, Just who is teaching this class? I want to see credentials before we let you leave the island again and start hanging around with these people!!

  4. heheh yes Choc/pb is very vital to life...you do have yet another point. I'm learning from you!! :) You're expanding my view.

  5. Oh, BTW my vote is to find and destroy those Flip Flop atrocities before more people are assaulted with that image.

  6. hey I'm going to be subjected to it for like 11 hours I'm sooo leaving it up! :)

  7. I shudder flip flops with socks oh my, toe socks maybe, multi - colored toe socks LOL. Sounds like you are enjoying the snacks.I like the avocado and tomato one, we are on the same wave length had guacamole with my supper LOL. What were you talking about on the radio? Looks like you were having fun. I see you found a Prickly Critter (That is what my kid calls them). Glad you had a great lesson. Enjoy the essentials of life Resse's.

  8. Hey CD - swimmers wear socks with flip flops - LOL! (mostly toe socks though)