Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Days until I'm on Vacation, But Who's Counting??

Last piano performance of the season....they did GREAT!
I'm a proud mom!
A quick dinner at the camp Q fundraiser. Wonder if I won my silent auction items???
Picking up trash on Saturday morning.
I found a huge gorgeous piece of sea glass, yay! It was worth going out so early in the morning on a Saturday!
We got a visit from jr.
Dills ate half my sandwich, a huge seafood cesear and tried to eat a couple of AS's fries, but AS was having no part of that!
Manderzz was NOT pleased that she didn't get lunch, but she didn't get up to pick up trash.
so coordinated (even the hair and tie!)
hmm before the tie was changed??? I don't remember that! I must've been curling and hairspraying my 'Farrah hair' ???
Manderzz had to get into the dress-up mode too.
Even Dills did...oh my did I lose the mullet wig at the party? What a gross thing to find under a table -sorry to who ever ran across that, it'd scare me if I saw it laying on the floor.

We were in Cabo Christmas of 2007, so we flew home on the 3rd of JAN last year. None of us have been out of the state since then! Almost 17 months! I've been on maybe 1 or 2 trips (sound accurate Bossy?) in state in that time, but none out-of-state...
OK stopping...CB and Sonia will expand their circles and ditch me while I'm gone. Sad!
The rest of the weekend was busy like usual for this time of year --
My house is clean after all Sunday evening working on it. It better stay this way for a week!!


  1. CD don't fret you will get everything together and perfectly organized. I am so happy that you are getting to do somw out of state traveling. Manderezz looks great at the piano wow she is growing up fast. You can tell her I am sending to Wrangel a box that will make her day/ weekend LOL I am still laughing picturing the mullet wig lying under a table waiting for some unexpecting person to find and think it was a big mouse beat it with the broom then realize it is a wig... Good comedy there. Glad you found treasure while picking up trash. Lunch looks great.
    Oh a funny for you THE FRUSTRATED FURRY ARCHEOLOGIST has taking up painting, he found some old paint cans in the garage toted them outside pulled the lids off and proceeded to get them all over the place now my yard has major excavations, pitholes, bits of fuzzy blanket,gravel,dirt,and multi colored paint splotches. The kid has a mojor cleanup detail. I am trying not to look at that section of the yard thank goodness it is in the back.

  2. Manderzz looks like a little angel!!!
    Did AG let her wear those shoes from Saturday?
    That would have been adorable!!

  3. ummm no. She had champagne-colored flats that matched the beads on her dress (gold-champagne colored) silver!?? What are you thinking??? Do you have NO FASHION SENSE??? :) Such a guy!

  4. All of you looked HOT! Cannot wait to see you next week. Is jr. coming over?

  5. nahhh....not this time. He'll be there once or maybe 2x later this summer tho

  6. You found a huge piece of sea glass 100 yards from my living room window and you flaunt it on your blog? You're killin' me! heheh

    You girls all looked great Saturday, we were having a birthday party in the bar and saw all you angels drifting in and out . . .

  7. I'm civic-minded and crafty too. We were sent to an area that had no trash...darn it. We went to a beach that used to have a bar right there...why not? It was worth a try! :)

    Ohhh I think I saw that party, your trifle looked yummy after cheetos and doughnut holes LOL 70s food I guess.