Friday, May 01, 2009

Brrrrrr 39 Degrees in May! I Need to Get Home!

Cool salmon display...this is where Shelly works.

What bears eat, I'mso glad we don't have bears in Unalaska!!!

Me playing tourist by a unique bear display...

I ate the beef, the salad and the deep fried shrimp. Tried one of the cute little California rolls...still hate them! (food poisoning 5 years ago!)


My mother in law...she is so strong and athletic...I want to be like that in my mid 60s!!!

There are fewer eagles here, people are still fascinated. LOL I just hope to avoid getting attacked this spring at home!

The 'Trusty Tusty' or was it 'Rusty Tusty'??? This is the ferry that comes to Unalaska too.

Geeezzz......I want an office that looks like that!!!

I have my neck ultrasound at 3pm but we ran some errands this morning, and ate a fancy lunch on the channel. I saw the KANA building sort of like where we work in Unalaska but GINORMOUS...oh wait our company does have a fancy ANC..whatever I won't get started on that!

We saw a deer right along Rezanoff..too cute, I didn't get a picture and we saw Shelly from PCR at the visitor's center, she looked GREAT and I also forgot to get a picture, she was talking about bears to a bunch of kids!

We saw the Tustamena come in and got the obligatory eagle picture. I got a few little things that we need at different little Wal-Mart and no fast food for me!!


  1. I love the salmon and bear display very cool. Lunch looks excellent we had fajitas tonight very yummy. My house looks like Wal-Marts bedding and clothing departments. My kid is in the process of moving to another place and my home became the storage unit.... every cornor is stacked full of plastic storage bins full of items. All the bins have Wal-Mart smiley face stickers on them. I've already had a few neighbors ask when the garage sale started.... LOL man this looks like it is going to be a long weekend. Gal you take care and get plenty of rest.

  2. Sounds like a good day. Hope your ultrasound went okay. Are you joining me in my Walmart boycott or is there just not one there?! :)

  3. ohhh Margarita..that would drive me crazy! I have stuff...hope she gets moved soon! No rest today or tomorrow...but Sunday should be quiet :) And the 2 flights tomorrow make for 3.5 hours of sleep.
    Gigi..I always boycott Wal-Mart yukkkkkkk that place is awful for many reasons.

  4. CD and Gigi I can honestly say I would rather walk through a smelly sewer then go to the Wal-mart here every 4 months they rearrange the entire store. After looking at all these bins stacked five high and those horrid smiley face stickers it just reinforces my resolve not to EVER go there. I hope they leave my home soon I like being able to find things without having to move huge plastic bins. Kids they do the darnedest things.

  5. I agree! I think I may live in a smelly sewer...heheh just kidding, but we did see our house in Unalaska on Dirtiest Jobs. My father in law was watching it, I came upstairs, hey that's my neighborhood and that's our house! There was a diesel spill across the street that was very smelly and leaking into the street, crazy town we live in!

    And, yes, kids do the darndest things!

  6. Hey! No fast food for you, but what about me??? LOL What do they have down there, maybe you could bring me a Whopper or something!! You'd be my best friend FOREVER!!

  7. opps didn't see the rqst in time. Ignored all fast food and big stores, nope I take that back I went to Fred Meyers.