Friday, May 01, 2009

Our Cute Little House

Kodiak looks a lot like Unalaska..except for trees.
Our little house, it looks much cuter in the summer! husband misses that garage!!

After dinner my mother in law needed to help a friend with her computers, she needed to buy a program at Wal-Mart ughhh, I DID NOT shop. Her friend lives in my old neighborhood. We got to see our little house, it's tiny and cute. We bought it when my husband switched from being a regular 'ol bering sea crabber to a state worker, a big difference! a year after it was built we moved to Unalaska! We've had the best renters USCG pilots/officers, it'll be paid off soon, got to like that!

I saw rickindutch's or is it rickinkodiak?? house too, it is right by ours,I knew it. Wonder if yet another fomer Unalaska family will but it and move into MY neighborhood? I can say that, we were the 2nd house in the whole area!!

I'll leave here SAT or SUN have to get home before my husband leaves for patrol!


  1. Dosent michelle live around there too?

  2. Aw love the cute little house. It is great that you will have it paid off soon. when do you go on vacation? Where will you get your mail? If you get a new addy for while you are on vacation PLEASE let me know so I can drop you a card.

  3. we'll be in a wrg for a good portion of the vaca..I'll get that to you margarita...

    umm yes! AKGQ....we were next-door fixing computers, shhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell. they're moving to anc..I think the big gray one in the 1st pic is her house.

  4. Kewl, so you might be back in time for Karokoe huh?............LOL

  5. I will be back SAT at 5pm horray!! I'm ready..already! YAY We all need to do that!!

    I'm stopping in ANC for some frozen food to fill my cute little cooler and to find a dress for the princess to wear for her piano recital. She thinks the one I ordered from Justice is too!!