Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Knew It!!!

omg it's soooo cold here still. Look at that ice! But there are trees!!!
It's not supposed to be colder than Unalaska!!

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers and I miss you two at work too!! and OPLG too... I got so very thoroughly checked out this am. I hated it!!! But he was thorough for sure....tomorrow I get an ultrasound of my neck tomorrow and I will go to an endocrinologist in ANC too. We all feel better that we know what I have. My thyroid is finally out of 'normal' range. I've been telling them that, but finally they all see that and know what is going on. So by fall I will hopefully be 100%.... unless I'm not. Only a 15% chance of that I read.

I did have a good day other than the hours spent getting poked and prodded, tested, x-rayed, listened to and palpated. My mother in law took me to the cutest and yummiest little cafe ever for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee...we saw 2 of my husband's co-workers and friends there and other guy I knew a little in jr high. I hung out with his cousin... we also walked on 2 beaches and went to a cute little kitchen shop too. (I got all green adorable little kitchen and alcohol accessories lol (things Alena will appreciate!)

We picked up beach glass, I LOVE to do that, it's the most relaxing thing ever...I do it all the time in WRG. I took pictures, but they're on my camera, not on my card and no cord --opps.

Ohh one of the guys at the coffee shop is SURE we'll be moved back here in 2 years....we laughed, yeah right

And Sonia-- I DO NOT have swine flu lol lol....


  1. It Looks Like Jan or FEB!!! Still the trees look good. I glad you are closer to knowing what is wrong, because then we can get you well and back to being our Cookiedough again!!
    So was it the "clinic" downstairs that said it was "infected"?
    Oh, and check out the praise for your wonderful, Responsible, son on my blog.....LOL

  2. Your son is great CD. You did a good job raising him! I dont know too many teens that would give up lunch with friends to make sure his mom was safely away. I hope my kids turn out that good. Continued well wishes. Hope they get it all fixed.

  3. Glad you are getting some answers. Hope they get everything figured out so you can be back to your old self again soon!

  4. Ooops, sorry, it's jane not bonnie. i am on my daughter's computer and have now successfully posted on blogger and facebook as bonnie. LOL

  5. I never went to the other clinic, just mine. She wasn't wrong,confused and not as sure of the diagnosis... but I have better details and proof now. Really, it was her blood tests (that I insisted on her doing TUE) that proved what it was. I left too soon, but that's what my husband wanted. I get a mini-break in ADQ so it's all good.

  6. Can't wait to mix up some cocktails with your new gadgets! I get to be a sub at Bunko tomorrow thanks you your absence so I guess I'll forgive you for leaving me least I have Sonia. I've been sitting at your desk, stealing stuff, btw...I love love love your sticker of the day thing!!! My mini is now laden with lady bugs.

  7. CD I like the trees but wow ice bet it is cold. I am so glad you have been checked out from head to toe. We will get your thyroid fixed and working again soon. I laughed when I read you got new green gadgets that is our CD. You will have to post a picture of them.

  8. Yay, sounds like you are on the road to being healthy again. My mom had her thyroid removed when she was very young! She has a scar across her neck...looks like a necklace that she never takes off! I love new gadgets, especially when alcohol is involved :) Take care of yourself!

  9. geeez... I just read your post a bit closer Alena (was on my teeeeny computer on the trip was hard to read) what else did you steal? Not my black pens i hope???? Did you find all the food??!