Thursday, April 30, 2009


It was 5am...we weren't quite awake!

Poor Hunter was NOT awake but wanted to say goodbye.
1 CB is such a good salad and CD was yummmmy, I think the fishermen around me were jealous.

Poor hubby is a bit he was up until 1:30 working on replacing his tramsum on his skiff!

My twin....

It was gorgeous at home when I left, calm and sunny. I heard that changed afterward ..wheww.... My husband, eldest son and CB all came to the airport, I even got a Cabo salad and some cookie dough to eat on the long flight! Thank you CB that was so thoughtful and I was hungry and hadn't even thought about lunch 3 hours is a long flight when you refuse to eat chips or cookies with yukky ingredients!!!

My dear friend Heather picked me up in ANC we had a delicious dinner of caribou nachos with fancy homemade salsa. Last time I visited her and her family the caribou had just arrived from Adak where her husband had been hunting. It was hanging in bags on the back deck!! LOL it looked much more appetizing as hamburger :)

I've been friends with Heather for over 25 years, she's the best and so is her family, they take care of me when I'm in ANC. I brought them some king crab, moose, salmonberries and blueberries from home. They eat more wild foods than we do I think or at least a larger variety. Their dinners are better than any resturant!!

I feel better, go figure. On the way to see a dr though. It's so nice, so warm here...was 65 yesterday afternoon!! That's summer at home...


  1. CD, I am so glad you are going to the doctor and kuddos to your husband for making it happen.
    You are in my prayers,

    PS OMGosh those rolls look wonderful!!!

  2. Great pics! Hope everything goes well for you with your doctor's appts and KEEP IN TOUCH! How will we survive without you for the next few days?!?!

  3. There atta be a law against looking that cute in a robe at 5:00 in the am Heather! ~~ keep me up to date on what they tell ya!! hopefully you are armed with all your paper work!

  4. Can you come home now? We miss you.

  5. Glad you got out! Good luck with the doc, keep us posted.

  6. I Just knew the way you were on the phone that you would not think of food until you got on the plane. I am in Hospitality!! It's sorta our job to anticipate needs before the guest does and provide accordingly.
    I know everything will go well. (Called in a "Favor" From Saint Michael.)

  7. Saint Michael owes CB favors?

  8. CD I am glad you are safely in ANC. CB was nice to get you a salad and feed Junior. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know what is going on with the medical. Hubby does look a bit stressed out there hopefully you will have answers soon for him. A moose roast and now caribou nachos wow you are getting to eat some different food ( gee the most exciting food we have is alligator and it isn't bad pretty good, taste like chicken LOL)

  9. Apparently so Alena! Good luck CD. You have a wonderful son to give up his lunch to make sure you made it off the island ok. And a terrific husband. You rock CB! thinking about food not just for CD but Junior as well!

  10. Thinking of you and wishing you the best during this whole ordeal. I truly hope they find out what's wrong and you and your family can move past this. I'm saying a little prayer for you! That was so nice of your son to see you off at the airport. Good kid, meaning you're a great mom! Take care!