Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Just WED

Doing outdoor stuff...not by choice!

Mixing paint, it's been a stressful month for this teen, all this HARD work. Why can't a guy just lay around and relax????

Big brother teaching sis how to make chocolate dipped strawberries --YUM!!

I have been doing nothing but being whiney this week. I pity my co-workers and family --sorry everyone! I did go to the Grand for lunch yesterday and had some sweet potato fries, that helped a bit. I'm going to an endocrinolgist in 3 weeks, so that is something, I AM trying to be less pitiful, really.
I had a meeting last night for a couple hours, I learned there is a new blog in town (we are THE MOST blogged about town in the country, right??)
Our beloved TV/Radio station, talking about local "stuff"

My eldest son is leaving in less than an hour for Native Youth Olympics --not sure exactly what he does, something with kicking and carrying...I better get pictures of the competitions. He banned me from practice, I guess I'm a bit annoying with my cameras!

It's spring now, it's warm...after the horrible rain storm yesterday --CB is funny--- I parked on the far side of a GIANT puddle (1 of 3 actually) at the Grand yesterday...CB said, "Oh no, are you parked on the other side of the 'Koi Pond'??" Yeah right!! Those are GIANT and DEEP potholes.... LOL it took Sonia a few minutes to get that one heheh....

My husband is taking the boat out for the 1st time tonight, taking Sonia's husband too. I don't even know what they can catch --maybe halibut?? I think they just want to play....wonder if he'll use the gorgeous new truck to launch it or borrow the teen's truck (YUK I'd not want to go inside that truck myself!)
OK heading to the airport to say byeeeeeee and goood luckkkkk to the team.


  1. I Wish your Oldest luck. Don't worry about being whiny just tell them sorry but your ill and can't help it. Glad you get to see the endocrinologist in 3 weeks. Hope your hubby has good luck fishing. Get plenty of rest gal.

  2. Glad you are getting to see a specialist, hopefully he or she will know what to do for you to feel better!! Yes, we have the new blog up and running--go and vote on the proposed smoking ban if you haven't already. Good luck to the kids at NYO.

  3. I did, last night! I can't follow up after Mike's comment...but I conquer...

    Mixing White Paint then dipping strawberries in white......
    Are you sure he was teaching her correctly?
    Good Luck at the Games Junior!!

  5. Yes...good luck to Junior! LOL at the inside of a teen's car...I've seen a few myself and YIKES!

  6. hehe. I thought the same thing CB, about the white paint then white chocolate. So any tips on dipping strawberries? My oldest loves them.

  7. I don't have any tips..I just put everything on the counter, and they're magically done, eventually. I'll ask the jr chef when he returns!

    LOL did I concur or conquer?? opps dork!