Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where Did The Boxes Come From??

She's done!! No more pressure today!!!
I did catch her winning this one!
My poor baby, this is the most nervous look I've ever seen, she's sort of charmed and glides through most everything, more mature than her parents LOL

This town is the best!! I neeeeeeded a few more Pampered Chef items from the outlet --love the deals! I showed a couple of friends and since I was doing all the work they ordered too! I seem so giving LOL ---I get the air miles and I get to split the shipping :) and they know I am a great on-line shopper, can usually find anything and a lot of the time discounts codes too!
Anyway the point of my babbling is that yesterday I left work, never even bothered to take lunch, too much effort required. Someone put my 3 FED EX boxes in my car!? The people at Ace Cargo are very kind when I pick up packages, but I don't even know them? Alena's uncle runs it, but I rarely see him and he'd not have a clue about my vehicle! That was so sweet, I don't know how they got them from Ace or why they hauled them across town and snuck them into my car, but THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it!!

Saw our physician today, he thinks I will be fine in a few weeks, I've been on a strong anti-biotic for a couple not worse and that is good news! Too bad the dumb antibiotic gives me a metallic taste in my mouth all day... YUK!

My daughter has been doing Youth Swim Club for several weeks now, they had their first meet Sunday and will have them the next few Saturdays. She got 3 firsts, two seconds and a third. That is what she reported to me, I was watching but forget details.....that MIGHT be 'her version' of the races ???

Saturday I will have to run between the Lion's Breakfast and her meet, her dad won't be back (unless they arrive very early). Good thing both events are at the school and it'll take maybe three minutes to get back and forth.


  1. Great post. I miss home already. Congrats to the swimmer. Ask Alena sometime about her swimming career. Hope you are feeling better. You are on the go so much. If Kristine and I aren't back by Friday, tell your husband to swing by and pick us up from Akutan! Kristine is worried about missing the Easter bunny.

  2. heheh..I'll try...they have rules, so annoying!

    I'm actually glad my kids are too old for PCR Easter...soooo crazy!

    The weather was awful today so maybe good by FRI???

  3. Your daughter looks awesome swimming so glad she is doing well. I am glad to hear you are on antibiotics, I hate that horrid metallic taste nothing you can do to get rid of it either, peppermint helps a bit. How nice that boxes were brought to you and put in your car, helps you out a bunch.Please be careful and don't over push yourself getting ready for Saturday gal.

  4. the boxes in the back seat.. almost like Santa sneaking in at midnight leaving presents.

    Thanks for the update

  5. Hey there - your post today really caught my interest - how old is your daughter? My daughter has been swimming competitively since she was 7 years old. She's now a sophmore in HS and not only is she on the HS swim team, but continues to amaze us in her club swimming. Two weeks ago we took her to Orlando for her first ever Jr. Natl's - that was quite an honor. She qualified for three events, the mile, 500 Free and 200 Free. In two weeks we're off to Miami for an open water 5K swim, in which two years ago, she won it overall. She wanted to compete last year and have the title two years in a row, but she applied for an outward bound trip so wasn't able to return to Miami. My daughter is a distance swimmer and has worked hard over the years. This is a sport that us parents say is "no fun" - it's a lot of time and work, but the rewards pay off. I truly hope your daughter sticks with it especially if she's good. Tell her it's a great sport!

  6. yaya Manda! Swim baby swim!!hey i like the purple much easyer to read! most festive!!Saturday must be the crazy day for the month. Iam tired already thinking about what i gotta do. ekkkk

  7. Ok CD, So Anyway I was in K-Mart Today and they had all the "winter" stuff on SUPER Clearance for like $1.99. So you and all the kids will have a new shirt or two when I come back. It was JUST TOO GOOD to pass up.
    Don't worry, Yours and your Daughters are green.

  8. hehe I can't wait to see the!!!

    Wow..Lori your daughter sounds amazing. I've thought about this since you posted, I think I'm good with being way out in the middle of nowhere with just the small pressure that the kids have. Is that bad?? All that big stuff sounds stressful and tiring!!
    I guess that's why we do OK up here??
    thanks for sharing, that just blows my mind, we do things so not intense here! (none of my kids are intense) When people do have kids that wish to excel in sports, they move! They have to if they want more...ya know?

    AKGQ I did the purple becuase the layout site was hurtin' my brain! HTML seemed easier LOL

  9. Stressful for her now more so and have been in the position to think about moving too, but things have worked out for her. It is very tough to be a parent and see your child excel at a sport only to have many many times at faultering. You have to "learn" how to accept the defeat as well as the victory and unfortunately it takes many years. I hate to post this, but her father has taken it to the limit so much so, that she doesn't want him on the pool deck anymore. Sad, but it has helped him not being there. Once they get older, they don't really want you there (well, maybe they do, but they don't admit it). My only prayer is that she swims through college and enjoys it - without our pressure of course!

  10. Wow Lori, thanks for sharing...what you stated is what I hear from parents that have done the sports thing elsewhere! Some thrive on that and actually move to get their kids involved. I hear football is insane! I'm glad it's mellow here and everyone can participate. It works for us.