Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Part 1

The cooks were all sooo happy for 7am!
I LOVE these shoes!!!! I dressed my daughter in the cutest shoes when she was 2 --I miss that, she's got cute stuff now too, but not like when she was 2...sighhhhhhh
Jesse is looking good and such a poser! He's my friend Pat's great-nephew.
It's OK they're married :)
I DID NOT dress like an Easter Egg, although it would've been entirely appropriate! I did wear my "pistachio" Danskos though!

Even the dishwasher was smiling!
The teens passing some time, they were awesome, they helped set up the night before, and helped throughout the whole breakfast!!
A couple very generous ladies put together these incredible baskets (the green one had a cert for 20 pounds of king crab and some giant candy bars that looked delicious along with a ton of other things in both of them) we sold over $300 worth of tickets. I didn't win, ahhh who needed all that chocolate anyway??

I'm back...I think Saturday did me in! It took two days to have energy again! Soooo not used not being energetic all the time, I guess I'm glad I made it through Saturday. I was up at 5:30 for the Lion's Breakfast...there until 1 or so. Hurried home, straightened up the house, ran to the landfill and the store. Set up all the "stuff" for the family to dye eggs while I was bunko-ing. Made an early dinner, took a quick nap (LOL of course) and went to bunko...I even won 3rd place YAY me! I haven't won in well over a year. I am usually the queen of very mediocre scores.
There are no seats out of DUT (LOL I will use that name in this context only!!) I can't get a seat out to go see some doctors and maybe a dentist (no longer going to the one that I have been for the last 10 years...NEVER again!!) unless I want to spend 2x the going rate (which comes to about $1000) for just the one-way to ANC forget it!!

Makes my job hard this past 2 two weeks too. Lots of people with appts in ANC no seats for them...ughhh rescheduling doesn't please anyone!! I have also been going through charts straightening them and noting who is behind on what....I get to nag about every patient to come in for something....no wonder my head hurts ...ohhh well, it keeps me busy.


  1. yayya a post i was starting to have withdraw!! I am loving the bunny ears cute cute cute! and those shoes oh my gawd to flippen addorable!! ~~ BUNKO man i love that game so fun I havent played since i left dutch. BOO But I still use the cool glass cake holder I won. ;op Whats up with the no seats?? I just wanna squeezzzzzze Jesse's checks! he looks michevous. ;op

  2. Thank God!! I was Worried CD!! I actually called Junior today to make sure you were ok.
    Missing you all but I will be home soon.

  3. I want those shoes! I'm 27 and I want them! lol! So cute!!!!

    I'm telling you, I'm just going to start calling your island "funalaska" it seems there's always something going on there! Bunko, Easter parties, nights out ;), various get togethers! I love that you all seem to have a real sense of community.

  4. ahhh GQ you just need to come back and be a sub! Subs always win :)
    I am leaving May 27th for awhile.
    I love the name Funalaska....I'm going to use that!! heheh...
    Feel pretty good today, trying to catch up on everything I've ignored lately!

  5. ohhh geeez.... this is me cookie dough I'm logged on to google for the lions eeek!! I'm really not him.

  6. CD love the shoes hee hee I need a pair of them to go with my "lambie slippers." Glad you had successful Lions breakfast. Our club is discussing a large rummage sale. Bunko tons of fun. May your quest for cheap good seats be successful in the next few days. Get plenty of rest.

  7. Thanks for sharing those adorable Easter pics! An Easter basket with a cert for 20lbs of King Crab - now that's "my" kind of Easter basket - LOL! Hope you're feeling a little better.