Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Traveler Has Returned!!

I tried to beat her in today, but she beat me there!
I didn't even notice a "Cabo Burger" on the menu for Margaret's Bay Cafe. Yummmmyyyyy and she had sweet potato fries too. I didn't, I'm going to try to make them for a Halo party tonight.
I had half of my favorite Cabo Salad. I don't want to eat too much as I haven't had too much energy to work out lately. I'll eat it later though!! Can't waste Cabo-ness!!
These got a bit out of order, this is awake Alena! with her cauldron of coffee and a "Procedural Dating Manuel" Don't ask she's complicated!!

K, not being obsessive, I guess I missed her LOL.... but she looked sooo sleepy and not ready to be here at 8am.

Alena! Is back...and we get to keep Sonia for awhile too --yay! I have them all day and Patty half the day, it's too fun!

Alena wasn't quite ready to be up and going so early, and still used to eating like she's on vacation, but we're glad to have her home safe and sound. I'm sure SP is enjoying Grandma and Grandpa today! The kids are out of school for parent-teacher conferences. (I did some in the morning yesterday and had my husband come for some of the more intense conferences in the evening...kind of like going to a specialist for medical reasons, it took two of us to absorb everything and to help us remember what our kids need to work on....sighhh and I thought they were all perfect.... OK my daughter pretty much is....the boys, they need to stay awake and put a bit more effort into their work. Guess that's not too bad, they're not rude or disruptive or mean or anything. And they get As and Bs.

It's almost time to take the rest of my lunch to see the last traveler as he arrives! He's hinted VERY heavily for everyone to be there LOL...


  1. would seem. But not really you have plenty without me! You're not blond or work on a forget it

  2. CD love the pictures hope CB gets there safe and sound. Your Cabo salad looks delicious. Good luck on the sweet potato fries. Oh be on the look out it might have already made it there, a box just for you.