Monday, April 27, 2009

Coffee House & Swimming...

Only my husband (and maybe his mom too) would wash the truck at 11pm, so it'll look good the next day!
Kyle is a very cool and talented kid --he's also been on my blog making Valentine's Day cards to sell, being the announcer at the swim meets, playing xbox, and volunteering at the 'run' Gigi and I did!
SB also was GREAT! I remember her singing on a channel 8 show a couple years ago.
Don't mind my husband's face, it was an accident with a new shaver, his face will be back to normal very soon LOL! Deedee and Eric had some extra seats, thank goodness, it was sold out, they didn't even let my son and his friend in and they'd already paid...???? ohhh well, I'm sure they were happy to go to his buddies house and play Wii or chat or whatever they did.
Alysa and Lynda are always entertaining!
They are so cute together! I have done Storycorps several times, so was not teased whewwww.....
It's Saturday, need to include a shot of my daughter swimming, I even talked my husband into joining me on the deck. I took a long nap after, I'll never get used to standing for over 2 hours in that heat and humidity! Lori just suffered an eye-rolling injury LOL...just one more meet until next fall!

Saturday was busy as usual --just another month and events DO slow down. Summer is for vacationing and fishing-hiking-camping. There are just a few community events per month.
Some musical friends talked my husband into attending the Aleutian Arts Council's Coffee House. He's never gone to anything besides a few Fireman's Balls that I can it was a real treat that he took some time to attend an event! The music was great! Our daughter now wants to learn how to play guitar. I think my favorite performer was Kyle... he shows up on my blog quite a bit, what a cool kid! The MCs were great too. Their "You know you live in Unalaska if..." jokes were so true! I hope Sharon posts them on HER blog...hint hint...Wonder if she's done being perky for awhile? That's 2x in a week, I would be exhausted! One time a month is plenty I think :)


  1. I would like to hear Kyle sing "Over You" by Chris Daughtry next time. That would be good!

  2. CD looks like a cool coffee house and lots of fun. I am laughing at your hubby washing his truck at night, I can remember a certain person um me who use to wash her trans-am at night. I was much much much younger then oh man do I suddenly feel old.... ROTFL Ah the days of our youth anyways looks like you had a busy day. Get some rest Gal.

  3. I love it! Your daughter swims and has a talent for softball too! Enjoyed those pics as well. Playing other sports will help her with her swimming. OK, so I've got to brag now on mine - she WON! 1st place overall for all female swimmers in the 5K swim, Biscayne Bay, Miami. We were so excited! She actually thought she placed 2nd because when she looked at the times, she thought another girl was 5 minutes ahead of her. This is the first year they ran two heats, breaking them up 11-17 and 18 and over, so we didn't know "who" won the race until the end. Kind of bad, because my daughter likes to pace herself and if someone is ahead of her, then she goes after them, that is if they're not too fast - LOL! Anyway, when the announcements came and they were called up to the podium, the girl she thought placed first was actually the 3rd place girl. Then they called her name for 1st and she was so excited! And, of course, so was I!!! This is the second time she has won the event and she loves to swim there. Oh, and by the way, her time was 1:07.?? - yep, that's one hour, 7 minutes and I forget the seconds and she beat her previous time by 2 minutes. It was a beautiful day, but the wind was blowing so hard. Water was choppy and she said it was hard coming back on that final leg.

    She's doing another open water swim next month in Ft. Myers, which is about 45 minutes north of us. Last year she didn't do well, but I think she is looking forward to going back and redeeming herself on this one!

    Enjoy your summer!