Monday, April 27, 2009

Favorite Day of the Year!!

Some healthy fruit and oatmeal with apples and pears for the breakfast party!
She was queen for the day!

It's APIA day, a holiday that nobody else has every heard of and that's why it's my favorite day of the year!! I'm off, along with most of my office --the boss seems to not take the day off. NOBODY ELSE is! I think this is the 1st APIA Day that one of my kids isn't sick --funny how that happens, someone always needs to be home with me. I have music going, the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher too and several windows open, it's lovely!!
Going to run to the library and pay my fines (oops) run some more errands, make some moose roast for dinner (if you haven't had it it's so much better than beef!) and
clean the house so it's not too hard to whip into shape for Sonia's Bunko this SAT. She has NO parking and some 'unique' neighbors....So to anyone not celebrating today's holiday --SORRRY!!!! I'm getting paid to be home YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

It's also my co-worker who shares my office's birthday!! She's out of town, but we had a surprise party for her before she left! Happy Birthday Irene!! Hurry home, it's too quiet in the office!

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  1. CD a moose roast now you piqued my interest. Do you cook this just live a regular pot roast or do you need like extra water to make it juicy? How many pounds is one? Since I'm just cooking mostly for two we usually get one roast and cut it in half to use at one time. I have found some good prepared BBQ ribs in half rack packages. It is so nice just to open the package and place the ribs and sauce in the pan just heat a serve.