Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Picnic & Softball --BRRRRRR

My daughter being the catcher...she loves softball, we really need to play more often. No kids' leagues here. Too many people leave in the summer, we're some of them. We're outta here for almost 7 weeks to see lots of family all over the place.
She's so cool!
Sonia's man!
All the kids wanted Neil to come play!

She can pitch and catch!! I can just hit a bit, no catching for me. That ball is scary. That's why I'm not on a team, but she may join one, we'll come and cheer for ya Sonia!
That is one stylin' softball player!
Trying to get warm around the BBQ....we felt like hobos LOL
My softball player, again. This time near 1st base. We were just hitting, why run? LOL....
OMG someone got me batting too...ekkkkkk scary!!

Sunday I was laying around and sometimes worked on my pile of ironing...just 5 more outfits to go! Sonia called and said they were heading to the park for a barbecue and softball. My daughter and I were the only people at home, we packed up our softball gloves and s'more ingredients and went for 2 hours, it WAS fun and the sun was warm, sometimes... I'm so glad Sonia and her family moved here! My husband was busy fixing his transom (the part of the skiff where the motors are attached) Our beloved eldest kid hit a giant log while running the skiff last summer and it has to be reinforced with aluminum (??) or some metal...glad Sonia is here and we can keep each other entertained. I hear rumors of them getting a boat, so I think she'll be bored with me!


  1. We'll be bored boat widows together! Heck, we already are!! LOL

  2. softballs are not scary. they dont hurt that bad when they hit you either.

  3. Yeah, having lived in NYC and near Miami I can state that Bums gathering around a BBQ never wear pink, so you are OK....LOL

  4. ohh yeah they're all very coordinaty aren't they?? Cute!

    I still think balls are scary and dangerous! I've seen some nasty softball injuries around here over the years. And I have no depth perception so catching them just doesn't work! LOL

  5. Looks like lots of fun! Y'all keep me posted with all the news while I am gone!

  6. CD I couldn't hit the side of a barn with a softball much less a beach ball and catching well lets just say I make a good audience member I can clap and cheer just not at the same time... ROTFL Love the pink huddled around the grill too funny. Your daughter looks like a cool ball player she has talent. Gal you get some rest when do you go see that specialist?

  7. I like to hit, but I'm a professional audience member too. Except it's FREAKIN cold here for almost every game!
    We'll keep you informed just post all those grandbaby pics!

    I have appts for the 13th and 14th of May, but if my husband has anything to do with it I'll get out of here very soon.

  8. Hope you get out sooner! I will definitely post grandbaby photos IF I ever get out of here. Mechanical problems yesterday so I am trying again today. :)