Friday, April 10, 2009

Come Eat Tomorrow...We'll Even Have Fruit and Yogurt!

Will this ugly weather ever end? I just figured out that my middle kid chose to NOT come home with his brother and it still at the party --aaaggghhh it's like 4 miles away....I hope I don't have to go out again tonight, I have to be at the next "thing" at 6:30 tomorrow morning!!!

I just need to give up sweet potato fries and dressing like an Easter Egg!
This is about as festive as this room gets!
James is trying out the games, he was a great decorator and kid entertainer too!!
I admire people who can decorate, I do not like to decorate, I love to buy the stuff and enjoy looking at it when it's all done, but putting stuff all over, making it look good ughhh torture!
I have figured it out...I'm the chair for the Easter Breakfast because I naturally dress like an Easter Egg...note to self STOP THAT!!!! :) It's very early in the morning when I shop and when I dress, that's my excuse, I'm not awake..
Some great high schoolers helped decorate, thankfully 'cause we adults weren't very good at it. It'll be a fun party tomorrow, everyone in Unalaska should come! The Easter bunny will be there and there will be raffles for 2 AMAZING Easter Baskets for those who didn't know to scour the Internet for Easter stuff as soon as Valentine's Day has passed --hint hint Sonia...

I missed the surprise party for a friend's daughter tonight, there was a decoy party at their apt --a bunch of adults....then she was going be sent to the Grand on an errand where the real party would be, fun! My sons went and said it was fun. Mandy is sick and pitiful...what a back couple of weeks for us! We need to air out our house or something!!! We're not usually sickly. It's almost not IF you'll get's WHEN.


  1. Do whatEVER you can to avoid getting sick! Take it from a PRO!!! I'm back, CD and really happy to be home...still not out of the woods, but better than I was a couple weeks ago! I missed it here....will blog about my "adventures" tomorrow. Have a Happy Healthy Easter! Love, Lauri

  2. YAY! Welcome home! We missed you!! Take care of yourself!!!
    I am sick too, just not as bad as she is. I ended up with the stupid virus attacking my's going to be weeks until we know if it's back to normal. And some sort of dental trauma's been "fun"
    I'll see you often, seasons 7 & 8 of Jag arrived!!!!

  3. CD you look great hey I love the "Easter Egg fashion trend," that you are starting. We have a Lions club breakfast here in about a month. I know yours will be a success. The decorations are awesome looks very festive, very colorful perfect for Easter. You and your bunny ears will fit right in LOL. Hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon.

  4. I will be home in a week for the CVB wine tasting so the weather will improve by then. Actually it will improve by Friday when I fly in.
    Hummmmmm, Maybe I will Have to pick up some Vitamins for your sickly family today in State College PA. (Personally I think they are not getting enough High Fructose Corn Syrup)
    Feel better everyone.
    More shopping to do

  5. I love your Easter outfit.