Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whenever Alena Comes Over There is Alcohol

Is it Wii or Xbox? I don't have a clue...that pile that looks larger than SP is my pile of clothes to iron, yes I actually enjoy ironing!!

CB, we need to get you back over the PAMA is getting low!!Still laughing....we had a fun day.

Sad when this is bonding...They were playing Wii, but ended up like this!
OMG I have gray hair in the back!!????
She'll eat any junk food that is free so I made some peanut butter chocolate cookies...I have to feed her a lot, how else will I ever win the contest with a thyroid 'thing' going on??

Another observation from one of my kids....they're fascinated with Alena! We had so much fun at lunch and my husband was out fishing, again LOL...he sort of likes to do that! Alena is missing Mr. Clark in SFO and Sonia's man was playing Halo, again! We visited over a couple Pomegranate maritinis while my kids and an extra 12 year old, who entertained us by playing piano off and on entertained SP.


  1. And No invite for CB Huh?

  2. We should've invited you! Sorry!!!!
    You were awfully busy being hospitable, but we were wrong to not text/call!
    We owe CB a night...hmmm we also need to take Sonia "out" Alena...we need a plan!

  3. CD looks like fun. You poor thing left with all that ironing.... hmmm I think that metal thing I am using as a door stop is actually the iron LOL...

  4. I'll go out as long as KARAOKE is involved!! :-)

  5. So a Monday night then at the Unisea for the Karaoke.......How about next Monday since I will be off on Tuesday for the next Cruise Ship

  6. they have Karaoke? OMG I haven't done that since my 10 yr HS reunion in Kodiak! We were GREAT, I think we sang Madonna..or something I do not remember much of that night, except the headache the next day which I have NEVER had again, sooo not worth it! I'm up for it! Sweet potato fries part of the plan?

  7. How could they not be?
    I think we need to do the manicure part before though....just too look Fab!!