Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's BACK!!! We Missed you Lauri

Poor Lauri was having the hardest time getting through the store, everyone was so happy to see her home! It was the day before Easter too which means that practically everyone was at the store! It's like a party the day before any excuse to make extra food LOL....Glad you're home, everyone missed you! Get some rest and feel better, k???? Maybe I'll see you today when I bring in my LATE dvds and attend a meeting there at noon


  1. CD so glad your friend is back. Glad you got some rest after the breakfast. Have fun returning your DVD's

  2. hahah I had to go to a meeting at the library, the weather is awful! I tried to hide, no luck LOL... and I had to pay $8 in overdue fees. and both of the DVDs that I need are checke out, but I will just try again tomorrow!

  3. Welcome back Lauri and thanks for posting the pic CD! $8 is a lot for overdue fees, ouch! The DVDs had to be worth it - LOL!