Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday Night Dinner and a Play

Alena!, CB, Lauri and Gigi are all out of town...maybe Lauri is back? I haven't heard anything though....but the events keep happening in our busy little town. I cleaned most of the day Saturday after trying to get to the airport on time to say bye to CB and just missing him, ohh yeah 2 of my kids went to the dentist too...where are those pics?? hmm... other camera, another day... We went to a different restaurant than our usual places -- Dutch Harbor Fast Food for dinner before the Missoula Childern's Theatre production of Robinson Crusoe. The food is OK, they're Korean I think and I like their pizza the most, and the American food was better than the Chinese...WACKY.... I like Peking and no place else for Chinese food, I think they're Korean too??? Why is that I wonder?? Missoula Children's Theatre has been here for 10 years now and worked with the children for just a few days to produce a fun play. My kids are pretty quiet, not at all interested in being actors, soooo we go and enjoy it! I swear I've only known Sonia for 6 weeks and we're starting to look alike LOL...I was in a jeans and hoodie sort of mood after cleaning all day.

I feel worse today, got blood taken on FRI to see if we can figure out what's wrong with me :( I should just get over to ANC to a specialist. I look like crap!!


  1. My kids used to love those productions in fact we watched the video of the last one all three of them were in a few weeks ago. We all just giggled at it! ~~ Were the heck is Dutch harbor fast food?? ~~
    Hoodies are the staple go to dress for all of ak i have decided!

  2. CD get your tushie over to that specialist soon. I worry about your thyroid and your health. You look good in your hoodie. You like your hoodies like I like my oversize t-shirts.... rather wear one then anything else. The play looks like it was fun, last Christmas the Children's Theater put on Babes In Toy-land. It was a good one. I'll have to go eat some Chinese food for you... LOL

  3. Missoula is amazing--I can't believe how much they accomplish in a week! Sorry I missed it. Hope you start feeling better soon.