Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday and Saturday in "Funalaska"

I love to chat with these two friends, they're the only ones that know what it's like to be married to a guy who is gone half the time to the Bering Sea!
Half of the Halo-Obsessed people. I forgot to get my husband, Sonia's husband, my daughter, Sonia's son and the new boss who were all in the other apt across the hall.
CB and I manning our post...Champagne and sashimi (sp?) I found an olive tank top today while straightening up my closet...darn it! I need a wider variety of green tops!
Always helpful, CB is tying a tie for someone who didn't know how to do it!
Pattycakes and her husband Dave!
Gigi who seems to win everything!!!!
Lovely ladies who were serving across the aisle from us. They had pasta with scallops and white wine, way better than those reds everywhere else.
Blogger guys all dressed up!!
Us...wonder who took this picture LOL..
I took a whole series of pictures of CB fighting with this particular bottle. It was really not wanting to be opened. The other 12?? Guessing were much easier to open. Not that I even tried! I let him do that. I made sure everyone was offered sashimi and punched their card.
My daughter's favorite event. Swim meets are soooo long. I can't multi-task I'm stuck there watching everyone....It's just hot and long, but I am very proud of all the kids for working so hard!
Alex brought a little friend Chris over FRI night, they were adorable. They played Twister and held their own in Apples to Apples too!
Halo zombies doing what they do. I forgot all the teens "versing" them from the back room, opps!
Hehehe Sonia's husband blending in with the kiddos..
YUMM!!! The chef-kid made choclate-peanut butter ice cream for us.
My salsa was a hit (thanks Alena for the fresh cilantro, several people asked about it. But homemade sweet potato fries were horrible!! I made homemade lemonade which Sonia though was hilarious. Don't know why???? She cracks up at me making things from scratch. I think it's fun.
YUMMMMMMY cilantro from Alena! Who had a freak accident with a vodka bottle and was unable to attend??? WHATEVER!!!!

I'm a bit behind, there was so much going on this weekend. I slept in-between events! One Friday night we ran over to CB's, then my husband's co-workers came over for Halo...
Saturday morning was more daughter did very good for a girl who had pneumonia and missed the meet last SAT and 2 practices during the week.

Saturday night, was great -- a very documented Wine Tasting. Chris Graves paired me with CB and champagne...the beverage I liked a little...the others eeechhhh not my favorite. We were the 1st table, we'd get everyone as they came in and it was far from the PA system (yay!) it was quieter than some of the other stations and very fun. My son picked me up -- I was sampling the champagne a bit now and then LOL...and dropped me off at our friends' apartments. It was a party in 2 apartments. They were "versing" each other in Halo after watching some pay-per-view Ultimate Fighting Match which I missed --darn it LOL... I hung out with Linda and Sonia and Fred's sis who is visiting from UAF. I heard my husband and the people from the other apartment on the TV (scary!) Halo players sure are ummm...enthusiastic. We had some Starbucks liqueur and milk while visiting and trying to ignore the Halo. We really need to come up with an activity to do while the others are playing that dumb game!!


  1. Trust me, Once you see a few episodes of Torchwood and Get one of my Manicures, HALO will be the furthest thing from your mind!!!

  2. That sounds much better than Halo, which I don't "get". Just looking at the TV screen divided into 4 different scenes makes me seasick!

  3. CD hee hee I agree with you about the Halo those who play it seem to get very into the game, I just don't get it myself. Sorry your Sweet Potato Fries did turn out well. They do look nice in the picture. You look like you had tons of fun at the wine tasting. I do like champagne hee hee probably wouldn't have left your table. Glad your daughter did well in swimming. Get some rest and have a great week.

  4. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics of the wine tasting event. I enjoy seeing pics of the bloggers - LOL!~ Enjoyed hearing about your daughter and glad she did well this past weekend. Mine too had a swim meet and did well, made all Senior champs cuts and very close to sectional cuts. Oh, you just wait - it's coming........I was talking to another mom on Friday night and said, "do you realize how long we've been standing on this pool deck?" She thought I literally meant this one particular pool, no I said, "it's been 10 years and we've still got two more to go before they're off to college". So, let's talk about "long". My best to your daughter - tell her to keep it up - it's a great sport.

  5. Ohh Lori how do you survive all those hours on a pool deck??? I was dying after 3! And I've only been to about 6 meets in 2 years LOL..
    She's only in 5th grade and her brother will be in 8th, doing JR High swim team...I'm doomed for a few years, but hopefully we'll be here! I need to bring a phone and text, I did read half a magazine, but felt pretty guilty.

  6. It's different now on the pool deck as opposed to when the kids were younger. OK, let me explain - when your kid first gets into swimming and decides to stick with it, they (the team) got you hooked (no pun intended). So, you start to volunteer, like my husband became an official. I worked on the swim team committee and did some timing, when they needed timers at our local meets. When you're away, you don't have to "volunteer" as much. Although, we have traveled all over the state of FL and my husband did officiate for about 3 years. Then there comes a point when you start to turn things over to the younger swimmers parents and you are somewhat releaved of duties - yeah, right. Now, they become teenagers and they don't want you on the deck. But if you must stay, then by all means, bring a book, computer, text or whatever. It appears you're inside - try being on the pool deck in 95 degrees and 100% humidity for all those years. It really isn't fun, but I do have to say, the less I go now, the more I realize I'm going to miss it. I just go now for her "big" events since she's a distance swimmer. Off to Miami this weekend for her 5K. I pray it doesn't rain and that dare fire is put out in the Everglades!