Saturday, April 04, 2009

CB and Fans Did it I Think!

I was running errands after CB left this morning, it was just starting to snow...within an hour of his plane taking off it was horrible!! I caught these pics on the weather guys worked miracles! The volcano blew...but planes kept flying and this ugliness held off just long enough!!


  1. yeah best flight for CB

  2. Wow that is some bad weather gal. You take care glad CB got away safely.

  3. it's always up & down, right now it's just fine out there, raining and blowing a little, yet bright and almost sunny

  4. CD I am thinking of you as I enjoy our light windy but very sunny 72 degree spring weather. The trees are budding, the pollen is beginning, and so is my sneezing and watery eyes.... The joy of the spring pollen season.

  5. My Fans, God and Saint Michael!!!
    Seattle is SOOOOOOO warm today I am heading out in one of my new Polos I just got at Jos.A.Banks. SPEAKING of that Check them out at for some Junior outfits!!
    I just had some of the WORST french toast of my life Down at the seaport. I will pan the restaurant later on my blog.