Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Luck Native Youth Olympics Team.

Me: What is THAT pose?
JP: It's my cute pose!!
Jr: Please leave now Mother! Me: But you're so cute in your uniform. Jr: *rolls eyes* Me: OK, OK leaving now...
PT to me: Bye Mom, Love you!!
Now that is a cool 17 year old, but everyone in this community already knows that!!

I had to run to the airport to say bye to the boys. I just can't get over seeing these guys in an activity that isn't electronic! It's great!! There were a bunch traveling, I just got pics of my 3 favorites!
I have to say our airport is about the ugliest place in the whole world! What is up with that?? It was "remodeled" a couple years ago, ohh's a busy place, needs to be pretty durable.


  1. Hey they are haveing a segment on ktuu right now about this. Ill keep my eyes peeled for jr! Good luck boys !!

  2. You can't miss him with that **Lovely** color that he actually paid $$ for! (his, not mine!!)

  3. IT Could Be worse CD, He could have Shaved it all off...............

  4. Very true CB...the boys once got buzz cuts! OMG those giant Norwegian foreheads LOL...not a good look!

  5. ROTFL that is perfect CD love the looks kids can give us moms. I know he will have a great time at the games.