Saturday, April 04, 2009

How Did I get Talked Into THIS Field Trip???

We're influencing CB, he is in fleece now, not a long wool coat! A hoodie has got to be next???

Silly us, going on a quick field trip

I don't know if I even want to put pics of my family on here anymore....hate to bring out any more psychos that have to be escorted to the airplane, voted off the island :( VERY CREEPY! I may change the name of my blog to "How an Unalaska Mom Avoids Homework!"

Last night I went with CB and buddies to eat, I was a bit late, SORRY I got sucked into Trading Spouses and HAD to see what the moms said to each other LOL LOL I hate it when regular TV sucks me in!! Stupid, stupid shows that CMT has on after I get off work, but if I see them, I'll get sucked in.....

A gyro, sweet potato fries and 2 or maybe it was 3 gimlets later somehow I was being a goofball taking pics by ughhh I can't even say it....Home by 9:30 so CB could make sure his linens were fresh when he returns ?? ONLY CB would think of that..............
We did see one of those boys whose name starts with a J on the road, but thankfully there was no scene, I'd have died of embarrassment.

AKGQ --come visit!! It's fun now :)


  1. Aww .. too bad I missed it .. looks like you guys had fun! And, I just have to try a gimlet! :-)

  2. first of all..."escorted of the island"...seriously? Does it get that bad?

    Secondly, I bet you had some fun. ;) I'm glad CB got in the air before the weather hit, wow, those webcam shots in your other post are pretty wicked.

    Thirdly, that new picture up're tempting me to dig into my laptop's screen with a spoon!!!

    Finally, hoodies = pure win!

  3. Gal you look great I like the pictures of you and CB. Psychos voted and escorted off the island.... OMG you get them there, man one large case of psycho repellent spray needs to be sent your way.... LOL I like your cookie dough picture.... makes me hungry looking at it.

  4. My name is cookie dough, thought I'd go with that for awhile.
    K, I totally made up the 'voted off the island' but he WAS fired and escorted to the plane. Guess they do not tolerate any creeps bugging the kids.
    Yes, we need CB in a hoodie!!
    My needs the psycho repellent, they don't bug me, I'm mean and old!!

  5. Cookie Dough your not mean and old we both are um I know like fine wine getting better with age and we just don't put up with any garbage. Creeps who bug kids like that should be removed. The picture you are using is great, and it does look yummy.

  6. Iam seriously thinking about it! how fun would that be!!Cant belive we have been gone for 6 years already CRAZY!

  7. AKGQ-- No, I can't believe it's been 6 years!

    I did have a bite or 2 of that dough and it was yummmmyyy :)