Thursday, April 23, 2009


These frogs light up! Pretty soft colors...tooo cute!
YUMMMMMY!!! This is a new kind, with some squash chips too!
Look at all that glorious green-ness!!!
I'm making that salad with pineapple and pistachio pudding, nuts etc.

Green Peeps will be toasted in a bonfire!!

I got a green care package this week!! I love it! Thanks so much Margarita! We opened the chips immediately --YUMMMMMMY! The frogs are on my desk, I'll add a picture later this morning. the tea and the post-its I shared with my co-workers. the pasta we'll eat when the dad goes out to sea! He'd NEVER eat colored or cheese-filled pasta LOL...The biscuit mixes (omg my family's favorite!) I will use as soon as I get the energy. I've been asked daily since Easter when I'm going to make biscuits and gravy...tooooooo much work!
The rest I'll bring home and let everyone help themselves. My daughter pouted a bit becuase of the lack of Moon Pies! I was OK with that LOL LOL.... we're going to have a bon fire and invite Sonia's family over to show them how fun it is to burn Peeps and them eat them! (Green Peeps!!! How cool is that????) That Store didn't have Peeps this year --what's an Easter without Peeps??? So -yay!! We have them now :)
I feel so spoiled, I better go to LFS or somewhere and find something cool to reciprocate!


  1. Wacky Mac LOVE that label lol!! I was trying to explain peeps to my girl friend in Ireland she wasnt getting it so i sent her them with instuctions to roast them. She thought id lost my mind. Humm is that just a Alaska thing?? ~~ Yaa for you for getting spoiled Ü some times a girls just "needs" to be! Oh and ps those veggie chips kick butt!

  2. I absolutely never thought of roasting peeps! Too funny! Since we rarely have a fire in our fireplace around Easter, I'm going to have to remember this during the Halloween to Christmas time when the fires are roaring (yeah, right, we have so many of them in FL!). I love the pineapple and pistachio salad too - yummy!

  3. Okay CD....I thought you were kidding about roasting peeps! Let me know when that will happen, I simply MUST try them...What a great care package...the chips look yummy!

  4. I found peeps at That Store .. where were you looking?? It will be so fun to burn those peeps over the bonfire though .. can't wait!!

  5. you did??? I was staring at all those shelves right in front....ohh well, I got green peeps now!!

  6. Yay you got the "Special Package," I sent ya I was hoping it would get there to bright up your day. My local grocery store now thinks I am only slightly more insane then normal, (eh nothing new there LOL), with my shopping cart and box filling it with everything green that I could find. Those chips are the best they are something new. They sell out quickly here. I know you will have fum roasting your green chick shaped peeps. Hee hee I think I create a moon pie fan with your daughter. Gal you all enjoy the spoiling and don't forget to get some rest.